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Group #24 Battery Box Experts Explain the Dangers of Running Inlets… Group #24 Battery Box Experts Explain the Dangers of Running Inlets     Stainless Marine your group #24 battery box professionals would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding the dangers of running inlets. Your group #24 battery box experts know that it seems like a simple thing, this running of inlets. In reality, it may be the most dangerous bit of navigation boaters attempt. I know that some of you disagree. After all, tens of thousands of boats transit coastal inlets on a weekly basis, mostly without incident. Boats today are well-built, and a select few, like the SeaVee in which Fernandez was cruising, are superbly crafted vessels that will take just about anything.  Despite all this wonderment, three young men died while boating. We don't know the cause of this tragedy yet: the investigation by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is ongoing. But the deaths have given me pause and cause to write this one reminder about running inlets.  Be careful. Wear lifejackets. Learn to time the waves. Your group #24 battery box analysts know you should stand off if need be. Get local knowledge from those who KNOW--hiring a well-regarded local captain to accompany you aboard your own boat if that is what it takes. Almost every inlet along the coast has a bad reputation. Some worse than others. I've been through most of them and can attest that these are all well-deserved. Last September, one boating buddy after another e-mailed me an incredible sequence of images taken of a 50-foot convertible broaching in Jupiter Inlet, Florida.…

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