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Marine Engine Parts Analysts Demonstrate Safety While Enjoying Paddle Sports… Your Marine Engine Parts Experts Encourage You to Try Paddle Sports  Stainless Marine your marine engine parts professionals would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding safety while enjoying paddle sports. Your marine engine parts specialists know that with nearly one half million paddlecraft being sold annually, the US Coast Guard anticipates that by 2020 as many as 47 million paddlers will be using paddlecraft for touring, physical exercise, fishing, hunting or other activities.  They overestimate their skill level and fail to properly assess environmental conditions. Worse yet they often lack the proper safety equipment and the training needed to use that equipment to stay safe on the water.  This creates a tremendous opportunity for the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Members can engage the paddling community through our Public Education, Program Visitor and Vessel Examination programs.  If you are new to paddle sports, start off slow and then ease off. Take the time to gather in the information that will keep you safe. Go to and see how you can always find more information as well as get assistance on marine engine parts and on safety while enjoying paddle sports at Stainless Marine. Your marine engine parts analysts know that soft fins and helmets reduce the risk of injury, and are recommended as a way to enhance safety-especially for newcomers. Building up your stamina maintains the balance between your physical and mental capacity, and gets you home safely. Always plan your trips out on the water around your ability to complete your outings with energy to spare. Watching videos, reading about technique, and learning from seasoned paddlers will enhance your early experiences out on the water. Hone your skills on calm waters. If you are in an environment that introduces you to waves or choppy waters, learn from the paddlers that are comfortable in these challenging conditions. Having an understanding of first aid makes you an asset for everyone around you. Learn what you can about safety, and pass it on. Paddling under the influence of anything other than your enthusiasm for the sport clouds your connection to the common sense that ensures your safety. Personal flotation devices and having the gear that supports your well-being in any and all conditions will minimize the risks that you encounter. The paddle itself provides some flotation, so hang onto it. And a surf leash ensures that the board doesn't get away from you. So don't forget these amazing reminders for being safe while enjoying all types of paddle sports. 1) Building up your stamina maintains the balance between your physical and mental capacity;  2) watching videos, reading about technique, and learning from seasoned paddlers;  and 3) hone your skills out on calm waters, not choppy waters. Learn more at Stainless Marine and see how we always have more information on marine engine parts and on maintaining safety while enjoying paddle sports.  via Paddle Sports Safety via Paddlesports: The Coast Guard Auxiliary's Next RBS Frontier via Photo Share this:…

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