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So Why SSL for Your Website?… There's really no question that having an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for a website is essential in today's 'Net landscape. Not only does it (reportedly) provide benefits to search engine optimization initiatives, but it offers a better (i.e. more secure) experience for users and those responsible for the success of their digital enterprises have received the message loud and clear. Via: QUICK HIT: The Time for SSL is Now An SSL Certificate's Impact on Conversion Achieving success for your e-commerce business revolves around three vital factors: convenience, relevance and trust. Apart from the technology used, one has to give due emphasis on usability and user influence. Building an effective solution with an optimal combination of all these factors translates to high performance, which is what lays the foundation for success. While brand recognition is an integral aspect that dictates the conversion rate, for smaller online retailers with apparently no brand value, the target lies elsewhere. Studies conducted by some of the leading market research organizations have revealed that consumer security concerns act as the main hindrance for smaller businesses to improve their conversion rates. The skepticism on the part of the consumers to indulge in business with the less reputed e-commerce retailers arises due to the impression that the retailers are not doing enough to protect their customers online. The need of the hour is to build a sense of security among the consumers about the authenticity and intent of your business. To shatter the credibility barriers, the businesses must make substantial trust building efforts to convince the consumers that their websites are safe to make financial transactions and the information provided by the consumers are being handled in a secure manner. Via: An SSL Certificate's Impact on Conversion Find more precise and detailed information regarding SSL Certificates The post So Why SSL for Your Website? appeared first on SSL Certificate Checker. Share this:…

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