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Boat Toilets Experts Talk About Pros and Cons of Towed Water Generators & Fisherman's Pet Lost at Sea… Your Boat Toilets Professionals Discuss How Beneficial Towed Water Generators Could Be Raritan Engineeringyour boat toilets distributors would like to share with you this week some great information regarding the pros and cons of towed water generators. A few years ago, I noticed that 2 of the 10 cruising boats I saw docked in Bergen, Norway, had towed water generators, making me wonder whether the Scandinavians have had better luck with these devices than we have. In the October 2017 issue of Practical Sailor, offshore gurus John Neal and Amanda Swan Neal ofMahina Tiare Expeditionsshare their experience with these systems. It has been a long time sincePractical Sailortested towed water generators, and the number of choices remains extremely limited. The last towed water generator we reviewed was theHamilton-Ferris towed water generator. Andthe last long-term testwas of the Aqua4Aeroben made by LVM in the United Kingdom. Your Boat Toilets Specialists Share Ways to Avoid the Cons of Using Towed Water Generators Yourboat toiletsprofessionals discuss how the units I saw in Bergen looked like they were theAquair 100made by the British manufacturer Ampair. In our article onChoosing a Wind Generator, we mention Ampair, and we describe its wind generator in greater detail ourmarine wind generator test. Towing isn't the only option, though. While I was in South Africa a few years ago, I spoke with the local representative forDuogento try to arrange a test of this product, a combination wind and water generator. At the time, the company was fairly early in the product development, and I was not impressed with the fabrication. Call me a skeptic, but when I look at the prices for hydrogenerators and consider how much time they will actually be delivering power to the boat, I think there are much better ways to spend my money. If anefficientand convenient dual-purpose generator comes on the market, I may change my tune. But right now,I think solar, then windstill reign in the world of ship-board alternative energy. Fisherman's dog lost at sea after his boat capsized, then the water police tow boat to shore The concept of jumping for joy is not something that most of us take literally. In most instances, this phrase is not used in a literal sense and is more of an exaggeration. However, there are moments that will cause some of us to actually leap for joy during the course of our lives and while these events are often few and far between, this fisherman got to experience one of the most touching reunions that we have ever seen. If you have never had the chance to see a grown man leaping for joy, then this is the perfect clip for you. This story took place off the Australian coast and this man went through the type of emotional roller coaster that would take years off the lives of many readers. At this time, the fisherman believed that his beloved dog was gone forever and the prospect of losing his pet to the sea was a tough one to swallow. When the water police towed the boat back to the shore, the fisherman was ready to give up on finding his dog and had essentially resigned himself to this fate. Please take a closer look at this touching video and don't forget to share it with the people that you care about most. This fisherman clearly loves his dog to pieces and for those of us who have dogs of our own at home, this is definitely a moment that we can all treasure. So don't forget these great reminders to consider before using towed water generators. 1) Keep in mind what your budget is: 2) ask yourself if being eco-friendly is the right way to go for you: 3) and how fuel effective do you want to be? Click hereand see how Raritan Engineering always takes care of your marine sanitation supply needs. viaTowed Water Generators: Are They Worth It? viaFisherman's dog lost at sea after his boat capsized, then the water police tow boat to shore…

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