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Hey guys!
I know it's been forever since I've done anything on this site... I wanna be posting new pics and vids but I also wanna make a new tail to take those pics and vids of... oh well, one step at a time right? ^_^
So I was avoiding homework and created a facebook page for FreshWater Mermaid and I think it's gonna be pretty cool!
If any of you are interested in liking me or just checking it out here's the link!
Love ya guys! Thanks for all the love and support!!! :hug:
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My biography
  I was a baby when my parents introduced me to water. From then on I was swimming. sometime later it was summer '94, I was 5 and making myself swim like a dolphin, my grandma would record Ocean Girl, an Australian series that aired on the Disney Channel about an alien girl who could swim very fast, hold her breath for long periods, and communicate with a humpback whale. From then on my favorite sea animal were humpback whales, and I swam every chance I could get! I now have the whole series, seasons 1-3 on DVD. lol
  Time went on my family and I moved from Orange County to Lake Arrowhead, CA. I loved it there, a little further away from warm pools and the ocean, but we'd still drive places to go swim. :) I believe I was 11 (2000) when I made my first tail. It was out of a simple cotton like fabric with frills and shiny thread sewn into it. It took me awhile, I had just learned to use the sewing machine, thanks to my mom. :) It looked more like a skinny blueish dress with a limp dorsal fin, I tried it on and needless to say, could've drowned with how waterlogged it got.
  2005 I was 16, I got my monofin! Now I was determined to make a working tail. Mom and I took a trip to Joanns, and I found some perfect fabric! It was a greenish vinyl, I took it home and started immediately. I already had my measurements and a pattern drawn out so I started sewing. I think I broke 3 needles in the process, but I finally completed it. I couldn't WAIT to try it out! I worked waaay better than my first tail, and not only did I wear it in the pool, but I wore it in the lake as well, it was sooo awesome!
  When I wasn't wearing my tail, I'd wear my monofin, and simply swim circles in the pool as much as I could.
  2007, I was 18. It seems like so much happened this year... I ordered a sheet of light blue neoprene from a website I had found and constructed my current tail. I was beautiful, I covered it in silver spray paint, silver sparkled glue, and shiny tassels for the fluke. I couldn't be more happy with it, my mom was so proud and encouraged my mermaid obsession everyday. She was my fan club, my cheerleader, and my backup dancer. Without her I couldn't have done it.
   summer 2007 I met the most wonderful man ever. I went to work at a camp up in Washington state with kids and horses and loved it, then met him. He was sweet and I had alot of fun hanging out with him. But camp was over and I had to go home. Long story short, we had kept in touch via cell phone, and in October he chased me down to California. I finally said yes to being his girlfriend after I rejected him twice. XD After the weekend was over he left for home and I continued college. Of course, we kept in touch. ^_^
September 2007, My mom and I went to Weeki Wachee Springs and saw the mermaid show! I could not have been happier, I'd heard about it and wanted to go so badly! I loved every minute of it, and I was so glad I could share it with my mom. :)
  December 20th, 2007 after beating breast cancer, having had a double mastectomy, she consented to do some chemo, the doctor was an ass, she had a slight cold, and after almost 3 months in the hospital in ICU she died. My boyfriend flown down and was with me most of the way, being completely supportive and comforting. I'm so glad he had gotten to meet her before she'd died, I think... I hope she approves of him. I wish she could have known him better. It's not fair. She should still be here... I will continue to swim and be her mermaid, but I miss her. She's my number one fan.

June 2009
  After deciding I needed to start fresh and take my life where I wanted, instead of living in the past, I gathered my things and headed for Washington, to be with my boy. The drive was awesome but sooo long. It took around 24 hours driving straight through. We stopped a few times to check on the fish in the back of my truck and grab some drinks, and a potty break. lol We finally made it and the  fish are fine. ^_^ And I can't believe I'm following my own directions and doing what I wanna do. I'm so excited to be on my own!
  I don't know where my obsession will take me, but I will listen to it and let it take me wherever it will. I love being a mermaid, and intend on being one forever. ^_^

Thank you fans!

~End biography.

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I love you mom.

Summer's Comin'

Thu Apr 17, 2008, 11:16 AM
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I love you mom.

     Summer is coming! I'm sure ya'll can't wait! I cannot, that's for sure!
Summer means: swimming, no school, and camp!
Yup, I'm going back to Washington this summer. ^_^ I'm gonna be there from June til the start of August, I'll come back and spend some summertime with the family that way. (And they won't have to miss me too much. lol)
I just can't wait! School has been soooooo draining. I swear, these professors are out there to drain every last piece of imaginitive thinking out of you. Homeschooling was so much more fun. >.< hehe
School can be good though, like when I got a really good grade on my last essay in SPANISH! yay! or when a friend from my auto tech class shows me this insane trail that leads to a freakin' huge river that has water falls! Yeah, I'll post pics, it was BEAUTIFUL! But the water was freezing! lol And then another friend from auto tech, after class was donw, took me to "billiards" a pool hall, that was fun. I think I needed it too. >.< Yesterday was fun. ^_^ Thanks ya'll!
Summer's Comin'!

:thumb83092335: And incredible shot by gryffenclaw I love it!
Koi Fish by Merman1234 A well centered and colored shot by Merman1234
Wood and Pine by Violettte An awesome photograph by my good friend Violettte
:thumb72664601: I can't wait for summer, and this shot is perfect! reformedcalvinist
T3 by NeonRose An amazing shot by John! NeonRose
along the fence by lastbattlelhu And lastly a gorgeous shot by my big bro. ^_^ lastbattlelhu
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I love you mom.

Camp was pretty much amazing! I made so many friends, all of which I'm still in touch with, one a little more than the others. ^^;
I Think Momma Was Wrong... by FreshwaterMermaidShawn is a guy I met at camp, I feel like he's my best friend. He lives in washington and I saw him a couple of times at camp, for one... I met him at the county fair.:aww: Then he moved to Philly (philadelphia) temporarily for work. But still came down and surprised me with a visit to our civil war ball. He stayed for a few days then flew back. And again he came for another weekend.:blush: I've never had anyone do something like what he does for me. He's my bestfriend... and I guess he's my boyfriend too. lol Sounds funny to say that. After I swore boys were stupid (they still are of course. ;)) and I wouldn't get another boyfriend. XD

So besides everyting going on in my life... there have been goods things since camp... as well as bad things.

water drops 2 by willcomb An awesome shot by my brother willcomb
Flower of Joy by GreenEyezz A beautiful manip by GreenEyezz
Goodbye, Pearl Reef by faile35 An awesome painting (inspired by my signature) by faile35
bridge-scape by lastbattlelhu A beautiful dark photo taken by lastbattlelhu

T r a v e l l i n g

Wed Jun 13, 2007, 10:32 PM
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Alright ya'll.
It's been awhile since my last journal. And I wanted to make this one with CSS, but I gave up. XD
The title draws your curiosity I s'pose...
I'm taking off. After just getting back from Virginia in May, then a California History Trip this June, I'm JUST now unpacking to get packing for the next outing.
(pictures possibly coming... sometime... cannot say soon. >.<)
Cut to the fish here,
I'm leaving for Washington State to be a wrangler and counselor at a Christian Kids Camp. Royal Ridges Retreat It'll be my logest time from home. I'll have a friend of mine (who dragged me into this in the first place) which is good, I'll have company; that knows what to do.
I'll be gone from the 16th til August 30th. :jawdrop: A loooong time...
I love you ALL! Thanks for all the phones calls. (those who have my number =P)
I hope ya'll have a great summer!!! (My family will be hitting the beach (to make me jealous) around July/August, which stinks cause I'll miss it. :( but ya'll can go to the beach AS LONG AS you take pics and post them. ^_^)

A Walk Through Time by GreenEyezz made by the sweet GreenEyezz
:thumb49640406: made by the crazy Megalania1859
:thumb56807356: made by the great newguy137