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Rogue Hunter

By FreShPAiNt
I started working on this thinking about the Rogue from Diablo (the first one), yet I think in the end this really became a compilation of inspiration from a lot of games I've played and seen lately.
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Unique and brilliant. Absolute genius.
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I love the baroque inspiration, and the cute pet is a plus ! :)
Estonius's avatar
Way cool drawing and design!
DracowormArt's avatar
Looking Great!! :)
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Nice. I like how clear the planar read is.
CheeseburgerTom's avatar
This armor is significantly more overdone one and ornamented thanI like, but the  rabbit animal companio and the magical power bleeding off then rumor got me to fave it.
FreShPAiNt's avatar
glad the animal companion pulled you in =) Ornamented is kind of my style though.
Chaoswolfstone's avatar
She looks very cool, I like the rabbit
Embucky's avatar
So awesome! The movement in the cloak/hair brings it to life :)
stephanie-cost's avatar
Love that stance.  Awesome outfit too!
so, how many rogues has this hunter caught?
FreShPAiNt's avatar, my wording leaves something to be desired doesn't it.
Wow, great attention to detail. Her face is so strong, I really feel her power. 
Awesome job!
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Nice armor, and I dig the design on the crossbow! :D
KionoWinterfox's avatar
That little critter/familiar is too cute! 
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