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Desert Winds

By FreShPAiNt
I posted this to my blog/FB a while ago, forgot to upload here. =)
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© 2014 - 2021 FreShPAiNt
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Is this image for sale?
roelifant's avatar
She looks amazing! Her outfit is so cool! :D :D :D
RevealedFromtheVoy's avatar
Long live the Fremen!
Hi, I'd like to use the picture on my blog, is that okay? I'll credit it to you and link back here.
I love her. Like immediately.
randomeye713's avatar
Thank you for remembering to post this.
I love her color pallet and asymmetrical costume
Noctivagus's avatar
She looks so insanely badass and beautiful! Love her eyes and the detail in her outfit.
Djele's avatar
Outstanding! I'd love to use this as a model for a character in one of my stories. 
Andrew-Lim's avatar
Love the design of the outfit. Good work :)
Aramis-Dagaz's avatar
That's an awesome outfit!  Love the geometric patterns.
kageitachi's avatar
don't mind Erzascarlet8, she reposts and copies artwork and she'd rather spitefully slander and harass people who try to explain copyright laws and what is and isn't copyright infringement to her than actually learn from anything anyone tells her.
Erzascarlet8's avatar
hello this person has stolen your work… without your permission 
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Love this! Is it okay to base my D&D paladin off of her look?
lagenerala's avatar
=m= is that.. a triforce am seing theeere?
FreShPAiNt's avatar
haha no, not intentionally.
JasmineLeilani's avatar
Beyond Fantastic. Chani from Dune comes to mind. It just makes me all kinds of happy!
FreShPAiNt's avatar
=) Thanks!  I should actually drawn Chani next.
JasmineLeilani's avatar
YES! That would be EPIC!
Grogeous & powerful
KillianSeraphim's avatar
Fantastic design. :love:
Andermatron's avatar
Beautiful character design and very well executed. I agree with faolgarg though, some ground shadows would work wonders with this :-)
QuantumCrab's avatar
That is so bad-ass
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