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I guess I should update this...

So for those of you who didn't find this comic by following the link in my other gallery ( :iconcozmictwinkie: ), Freshman15 is the comic strip I write for my college newspaper, the UCR Highlander. I make $10 for every comic that gets printed, and not every comic gets printed. This happens for various reasons: Abraham occasionally loses my comic strips before (and often after) thay get printed. Or it may be that no one at the Highlander office gets the joke, and therefore it never sees the light of day. So you people are at an advantage because you will get to see every comic I produce, BEFORE I even turn it in to the Highlander.

Abraham is a name you'll learn to know well. Abe is the Highlander's graphics editor. I rant about him a lot: make references to keying his car, etc. He's actually not a bad guy. He actually chose me to recieve last year's Comic Strip award (or whatever it's called...I can't be bothered to dig out my certificate right now.) That was nice...I got to go to a banquet and everything. My only real complaint is that he has a habit of losing the original strips that I turn in to him, so that I'm forced to scan newsprint copies to post here. I'll be eliminating that problem starting next quarter by scanning the comics before I turn them in to Abe (in fact, I think I'll just make a copy and give that to him. These things just MIGHT be worth something someday.)

Costo Hall, which I may mention, is where the Highlander office is located. It is on Kevin's list of Things To Set On Fire.

Around winter quarter of 2004, Kevin and Cruz decided they wanted to be part of the glory that is Freshman15, and contributed not only their images and personalities, but a vast number of ideas as well (submitted in the form of "Lindsay! Draw me hitting Kevin in the [body part] with a [random blunt instrument]!" or "Lindsay! Draw me setting Cruz's [body part/item of clothing/expensive electronic object possibly pirated from Lindsay] on fire!" and soforth.) They have contributed greatly to F15's rather chaotic yet often immensely funny nature (keep in mind that when I say immensely funny, it usually applies only to Kevin, Cruz and myself.) So I feel I should give them credit:

Kevin is here: :iconthedefenderofthenigh:
Cruz is here: :iconignitetheworld:

The remaining character who appears regularly in the comic strip is a young man by the name of Kelley Shannon, who can be found here:…
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Submitted on
August 1, 2004