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Well a few things have changed since last year, so I figure it's time for an update here.

Got a new graphics editor. Cassie. She's awesome. Apart from being a much nicer and more organized person than Abe (and a southpaw! Pryeed!) she's also more honest, since apparently Abe was doing things like altering people's artwork before putting it in the paper (yuck!) She's also much more accepting of help when it comes to other people doing graphics for articles outside the comics page (I'll post those here...or maybe at my other account...I dunno...) And she's in my photography class, so I get to talk to her in person at least twice a week.

Cassie = good.

Also...uhm...well I guess that's it really. Hopefully I'll get to have lunch with Cruz and Kevin sometime soon, so we can discuss some fab story ideas.

Until next time!

Kevin: :iconthedefenderofthenigh:
Cruz: :iconignitetheworld:
TheDefenderoftheNigh Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2005
I agree with Cruz and confirm his statement. We may need to use those handy food emoticons and simulate the eating process.
IgniteTheWorld Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2005
Awwww, you haven't forgotten about us.

Me and Kevin, if I may so forwardly speak for him, are both becoming busier and busier further into college. We may have to *gasp* chat room it.
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