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Meant to do this one while I still had long hair, but I forgot, so here's Loretta.
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5 seconds by me.
AmandaKate123's avatar
hahaha. this is exactly why i cut mine short =]
Diego-the-Incubus's avatar
My mind just wants to put in goofy cartoon sound effects as her hair wraps around her head.

I used to have the same problem when my hair was long.
moonymonster's avatar
Long hair in the wind is PAINFUL. I'd sit in a car with the windows down and get freakin' whipped by my own hair!
mistaD's avatar
Detriya's avatar
sooo effing true.
papercrownqueen's avatar
So very true. x_x I don't have long hair anymore, but yeah... I had long hair for years. XD
Nothing like rolling up the window on the car and catching your hair in it...OUCH! Or fine, red lines across your cheeks from stray hairs landing in fresh lipstick...
starkelstar's avatar
:lol: that is sooo true :D
Carsis's avatar
The hair has a mind of its own! :omg:
The-REAL-Brian's avatar
And don't forget long hair- in your laundry. XD
Artytoons's avatar
Conditioner...the best thing to stop flyaway hair.

Works on most people except some gal named Medusa...
Tome-The-Dragon's avatar
You know, it's the strangest thing but this never happens to me.
QwertyChris's avatar
Heheh...could save money on a hat - she could mould one from her hair! XD
Spirit-Dragon99's avatar
Well, I don't have the windswept look since I got it cut, it just attacks me. So I put in the beanie my botfriend got me on my way home, even if I don't really need it.
JadeiteART's avatar
Hehehhe! That's so true! I have quite long hair and somehthing like this happens to me all the time :P
spiritofcat's avatar
Oh, I know that feeling.
I tie my hair back so often that even members of my family comment when they see it untied.
But if I don't tie it back, it just attacks me.
ChikyuuMature's avatar
Oh my God, true D: all 15 years of my life I've never gotten to cut my hair short because my Mom won't let me...Frakkin' tangles.
CrystalWhiteInk's avatar
so true ;n; especially when you own a convertible. *le groan* it's the worst when someone goes, "let's put the top down! 8D" takes 8 years afterwards to brush out the tangles.
spiritofcat's avatar
Oh yes, it must be such a harship to own a convertible! :P
CrystalWhiteInk's avatar
the hair! it's the HAIR! ^^;
ShiKageMaru's avatar
I think what's just as bad is having long hair that's tied up in the wind, all the little strands that aren't long enough decide to come loose. I don't even necessarily realize that I'm walking around looking like i'm some kind of serial killer when I've got all of them frazzed up. and yes, that IS a technical term...
TrufflesTheMushroom's avatar
S-So true!

I can fully sit on my hair (it brushes the middle of my thighs), and I can't ever let it blow in the wind because THIS happens!

All those tangles... all of that suffocation... XD
SidSandHand's avatar
Nahahhah I remember when I had long hair and when we would ride inthe convertible I would go blind
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