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By Freshman15
This idea came to me after having a pastrami hot dog followed by frozen yogurt topped with yogurt chips (at Frogen Yozurt, because it's totally a real place.)

Inked by the delightful :icontvskyle:

Edit: for those confused about my new hairstyle, please direct your attention to the comic immediately preceding this one. [link]
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The third panel in this made my day. Awesome work!
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I myself am enchanted by the concept of building things out of smaller versions of themselves, like when that school of fish in Finding Nemo grouped up to form a larger fish. I imagine it would be pretty epic with whales.

Excellent comic, as per usual.
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Yo, dawg, we heard you like cars, so we put a car on your car so you can drive while you drive!
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That's a neat name for a yogurt shop. I love being able to top something with itself.
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That's some good cars.
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well, at our shop we put the hood on top of our Race Car, because it does not have hinges and never will.
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Top Coke with Coke...

Is that a Double Coke?

To mess with people working in a pizza joint when they ask "what topping?"...

Say "yes."
Actually this isn't a new concept, the British have something called Siamese Racing. The race cares are a subcompact hatchback Welded ontop of an Escort type sedan compact. You steer from the top while the Navigator works the gas from the bottom
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Frozen yogurt? Another yummy thing Spain doesn't have! D:
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Haha! Very funny! I notice you seem to be drawing yourself a little differently now, though. I can't quite put my finger on what it is.
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Oooh! Good job with the cars!
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You're drawing yourself different. I like it
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Vodka on French Fries. :XD:
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What would ou top a cheeseburger with?
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Lines are looking better and better.
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And yet I said right in the description that the lines weren't inked by me.
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Coke on Coke? Oooh, haven't tried that... :XD:
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A bacon dog actually sounds good XD And I am lovin the new hairdo.
ChikyuuMature's avatar
Bacon wrapped bacon sounds good. So does chocolate-covered chocolate.
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I'd totally go to Frogen Yozurt!
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