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There are so many comics I haven't drawn because I cannot draw a decent car.
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megadracosaurus's avatar
I can draw animals very good, but I realy, and I mean REALY, bad at drawing humans or objects :(
ApocalypseWolfSaris's avatar
...this is exactly how I am... ^^;
lemonlimefruitsnacks's avatar
i spent a lot of my life drawing people. so basically now all i can draw is people. FAIL.
JackEmerald's avatar
Ah, I remember you expressing your displeasure about this in an earlier comic.
Ladi-Belmont's avatar
I love how I just noticed this, but, in the first panel, you are drawing with your left hand, then in the next two you are drawing with your right. xD It highly amuses me.
moonymonster's avatar
Did you really have purple and blue hair?

Holy crap, that is AWESOME.
Freshman15's avatar
Yup! For most of high school my hair was dyed some weird color. :3
moonymonster's avatar
If I could I would mimic that just for the cool factor XD But sadly my work does not think pink, blue or green hair is awesome ;_;
mistaD's avatar are hard to draw...but faces and details on perfection are easy as pie! ;P
MissCritter's avatar
I feel your pain so deep, sooooo deeep
KwartzKitten's avatar
I so know how you fell! Drives ya nuts, don't it?
ShiKageMaru's avatar
For some reason I always seem to get impatient with drawing people and I screw up faces and the like. Animals are easy though. I sympathize with bicycles...I can never remember how to put those things together. Half the time if I try to draw a bike, it looks more like a blender.
The-REAL-Brian's avatar
I can't draw pecans. Their secrets elude me.
Artytoons's avatar
Hot Wheels and Matchbox. Reference models under $2.00. A personal favorite.
Freshman15's avatar
That's...a really good idea!
Artytoons's avatar
At least, that's an excuse to go to the toy department.

Artistic research. :-)
TheDJTC's avatar
Get on your bikes and ride!
night-angel's avatar
Ohh I can relate Sooooo well. You'd think inanimate objects would be easier to draw(sometimes), but noooo. They're not as fun as people or animals.
Luna-95's avatar
Your teenager hair makes me go LOL :D
Carsis's avatar
There is a lot of truth in this comic :)
fuuuuny stuff,
SidSandHand's avatar
*tickles you as a little kid*
littledinosaurarms's avatar
I am the exact same way. What is the deal with that? D:
QwertyChris's avatar
Trains, I can deal with - but yes, cars and bikes are to deckchairs ^^; :XD:
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