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My boyfriend gave me the idea for this.

It still makes me laugh.
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I heard Ice can be used to fix a dent (well small ones anyway)
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Hmm, And to THINK I am Training to become one of the Nuts that touch your car when you are not looking! BWAHAHAHAHAHAA!! (Just the Auto's Innards, not the Owner's Property or the Body.)
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Oh great, now I have a new thing to be paranoid about! There are weirdos out there TOUCHING my car! >.>
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But I will be working in an Air Conditioned Shop, Fixing the Manufacterer's Screwups!
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Wait, that's not all, order in the next 11 minutes and we'll SUPERSIZE it!
I saw a toaster cozy in Indiana once. At "Grandma Birdie's". She'd knitted it.
She was pretty freaky.
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I think there's a lady on "That's Clever" tha makes them. >.>
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You're not alone my friend
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Actually, they cost ony $19.99! (plus shipping and handling). And you get a bunch of cool (ie shitty) other gadgets with it.

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That's GOLD, Jerry. I love it.

The way the car is lifting up in the last frame is just - subtle but great :).
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Yeah! Fight the power! or the empty wallet ;)
Nice work.
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lol, lint brushes toaster cozies?XD nice work!
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ha!.. toaster cozies made me laugh... nice work
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