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Midas Touch

By Freshman15
Oh you people are in for a treat. This comic was never printed in the Highlander because none of the editors got the joke. It has to do with the fact that gold parking lots suck and blue lots do not, but the majority of students have gold parking permits.
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I like the TMBG sticker on the car. : )
Trust the Midas touch!
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They got the false advertising one but not this one? Or you just showed this one? Because if they got one and not the other...the only excuse they have is to not know who midas his.

I love the idea, clever. XD The students would probably get it anyway...right?
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I KNOW! Thank you! I submitted both of them, they just didn't get this one.

Although I suppose it's entirely possible that they didn't know who Midas was.

I might redraw this and put it in the paper next quarter, since *I'm* the friggin graphics manager now and I *know* I'm not the only one who'll get the joke!
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Good luck then, and yes, many people must know who Midas is, I mean, his story is quite known.
Maybe you can add a note explaining who Midas is, for example: Midas turned things in gold by touching them, but that might «ruin» the strip... :/ And they can always google it if they're curious enough or someone can explain to them (a classmate).
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Heheh, that's rich ^_^
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... Y'know, I just got it after re-reading through your archive.
Too bad that doesn't really happen, right?
Ooh, or do you really have that Midas touch? Do you trust your brakes to Midas?
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I don't get it :P.

But I'm sure if they HAD posted it, they'd have gotten your name wrong. And THAT'S funny to anyone.
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