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Locks of Love

By Freshman15
Okay, so maybe it didn't happen *exactly* like that. But I did get an adorable new haircut after donating almost two feet of hair to Locks of Love.

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D'aawwwww! Your wonderful! I guess I haven't seen enough weird 60's movies because it took me a while to reed the funky letters at the end. :3
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my cousins do locks of love
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Mrrr. I've been growing my hair out for that place since I started college...and it's still barely past shoulderlength. I envy your speed of hair-growing ><
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FOr some reason it never showed up on my watchlist
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That's awesome!! ^_______________^

Except, I have some bad news...Locks of Love only donates 10% of what they receive. They make 90% of the people pay for the wigs they make. I found this out from my friend (who is bald from her chemo) last year, when I donated my hair.

Wigs for Kids donates all of the wigs they make from the hair they receive. I urge anyone who is inspired to donate by this comic to donate their hair to WfK.

(By the way, my friend, who is still doing chemo, got a huge laugh out of your comic. I emailed her the link and she thought it was the greatest thing ever!)
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Aw dang. See, I thought I'd find out something like this after posting the comic.

Glad I could make your friend laugh, though. ^^
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I'm kind of proud of you! If I wasn't so terrified of having my hair cut short, I'd donate it to Locks Of Love. I've looked into it, actually. But, I'm a little too attached.
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I've done that once too. Feels so good to lose so much hair, huh?
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Awww, cuteness!! I hopes we can see a photo of your new hair soonish 8-)
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Awesome. What better gift to give a child than the gift of looking like you. :P
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Good for you! :thumbsup:
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I've been wanting to grow my hair out for locks of love for a while. Guess I should get working on it.
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