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Game Store Puppy
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Apparently my purse smells of Snausages.
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Comments (14)
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Perhaps it is half-dog, half-goat?
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muggle-chick|Hobbyist General Artist
New shirt + New dog = Many holes. Every time.
This is so funny!!!!
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JRSpaniel's avatar
D'awwww. X3
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KwartzKitten|Student General Artist
Teehee! Silly puppy!
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TheHarlequinHatter|Student General Artist
That dog must have had very long legs!
Lol, anyways, cute comic. Aren't puppies bundles of joy?
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buttstastic's avatar
mmmmmmm, snausages
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QwertyChris|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I caught this on the DiD site...

Cutest - Freshman - EVAR :D
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There was the most adorable puppy that came into my store the other day. I went over to pet him and he spent the entire time chewing on my shoelaces.
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Galya85| Interface Designer
HAHAHA!!!! i no the feeling
my friends puppy seems to think my jeans edible she keeps licking them everytym i go over to her place...its so funny
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Carsis|Professional Interface Designer
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EmperorNortonII|Professional Traditional Artist
That' so cute! :XD:
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Our new puppy likes to pull that. Apparently *pencils* are *delicious*. DX
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whalewithlegs's avatar
you changed the way you did your eyes! Also, never play tug-of-war with a strange dog :p
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