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False Advertising

By Freshman15
When you go to buy a parking permit online, you have three choices: gold, blue, and red. Naturally, gold sounds like the best permit to go for. This is not the case however: gold sucks. Gold lots are on the outskirts of the campus, while blue and red lots are sprinkled liberally amongst the buildings.

Actually you don't have much of a choice. Blue permits can only be won through a lottery, and I have no idea how to get a red permit.
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You know, the same goes for Minecraft, but that's kinda obvious in 2013 :p
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My College is Even Better, NO PERMITS AT ALL!!
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Oh, I Failed to mention that my College is a State Run Technology Center! God Bless the TBR!!
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Wha...but da... then why do they give you choices.... damn parking system... reminds me of highschool
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Well they have two different zones of student parking at UOW - Red and Yellow. Red is right outside all the buildings you need to go to, and Yellow is out in Woop-woop. I, of course, wasn't quick enough to get either and thus park at home and walk four days to get to Uni and back, in the snow, uphill - both ways.

It's a cruel system.
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*rants ala angry old man* In MY day...we didn't have FEET!

Hehe :D
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Hehehe. We've only got one type of permit in our uni, but there are 'special permit' spaces reserved for members of companies, department heads etc, and just recently a whole bunch of good spaces that we used to have have turned into 'special permit' ones :P
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