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Dreams 2

By Freshman15
An actual dream I had. I'm not sure what message my brain is trying to get through to me. The kitten must be important though because that's not the first time he's shown up in a dream.

Gotta find Obama his shoes...

I'd hoped I wouldn't have to do this, but...
To the people who point out that he's already wearing shoes, do you not own more than one pair of shoes? OBVIOUSLY we're looking for his sandals, DUH! :P
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I favorites this cause your edit makes me laugh. 
Penblade-the-bard's avatar
I wonder if you could hold the president's shoes hostage.
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Dreams:Embrace the Illogical.

I get these short vivid dreams when I can't sleep, too . Just the other night I dreamed that I attached a file to an image and when my boss asked for it, it was gone. To which he said "It must have sprouted wings and flown away..."
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I had a dream that my cousin Steve had to eat his nose to be in a polka ice rink match against a werewolf and a Narwhal.
silverwizardmon's avatar
It means you need to go adopt a kitten or obama will be sad ~3~ do you want to upset the president? go adopt kittens XD they need homes :heart:
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Always wondered if Obama has as many shoes as my dad. . . that guy has tons. . . I swear to bob. . . 25 shoes last time I counted. All Nike. . .
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I once had a dream where I birthed a raptor(dinosaur sort). Kinda similar to your first two panels, as I believe the dream was intended to be humorous. It was kinda like "You had a baby, its a .... RAPTOR!"
Diego-the-Incubus's avatar
I've got one better.

I was in the basement of my old house working on something with Eric Idle and John Cleese when I giant bouncing chicken egg attacked us. It chased us out of the house where I got in my mom's car, drove it around the house, and hit the egg as it was coming out the back door. It's yolk was splated on the windshield and it had a face on it like ':p'

I blame it on the fact that I was up till 3:00 that morning watching Monty Pyhton's Flying Circus and eating graham crackers.
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Also....dude, enough hair?
moonymonster's avatar
Clearly your dreams want you to get a kitten. XD And buy Obama some shoes!
rosalarian's avatar
I love how things just feel so important in dreams. Dammit, you gotta find Obama's sandals. The fate of the world might depend on it!

If it were me, I'd wake up and think "Oh no! I never found his shoes! I have to go back to sleep and keep looking for them. i can't wake up until I find them."
moonymonster's avatar
If it were me, I'd wake up and think "Oh no! I never found his shoes! I have to go back to sleep and keep looking for them. i can't wake up until I find them." "

Yeah, I've done that more than once. "That dream was awesome, but I didn't see the ending! I have to go back to sleep and finish it, dammit!"
TrufflesTheMushroom's avatar
I hope Mr. President finds his shoes.

And doesn't get any thrown at his head, or lost when whacking flies, or thrown to Russia from Palin's house.

Or have someone say to him in the middle of a health care speech, "I'm real happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Beyonce has the best shoes in the world. IN. THE. WORLD."
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What's Obama wearing, then? Socks? Anyway, I want to have a baby kitten! ^w^
Bluesnow's avatar
That's one hell of a weird dream. The kitten must surely mean something, but it probably isn't what you assume it to be. Dreams are jerks like that ^-^
night-angel's avatar
This is hilarious. Especially the panel where everyone is looking for his shoes! "I think they were sandels". haha. Dreams can be SO weird.
tehLuna's avatar
Well, that probably has to do something with Bush... because of the sandals :XD:
Carsis's avatar
but . . . .

he's already wearing shoes :O_o:
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Why can't my dreams be this innocent? :XD:

Mind you, that baby kitten thing - my Mum wants to make it a reality. Another "adopted" kitty in an otherwise crowded household...! X3
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were they on his feet?

Better than some of the dreams I've had. >_>

Obama might be nicer. My most noteworhty recurring dream element is zombies.
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Lol. IF ONLY my dreams were that innocent. :P
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well, I once dreamt I met the hosts of the british motoring show Top Gear!
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