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Had some pretty restless nights during the first few weeks in the new place.
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lemonlimefruitsnacks's avatar
this always happens to me when I stay somewhere new
Kunou78's avatar
That is, quite possibly, the cutest brain ever. :3
JackEmerald's avatar
I have to say this is the cutest brain I have ever seen.
mistaD's avatar
ahahahha!!! Brains can be funny (and annoying) at some time.

P.S. You have a really cute brain, lol
elforg's avatar
I know exactly how that is. I moved to a new apartment last mounth, and I still have nights like that (every night)
NaomiKnight17's avatar
Ugh, my brain totally does this to me too. I'm getting married next fall, and I'll wake up at 3 AM like, "OMG I didn't book a florist yet!! Oh yeah, I have 11 months to do that..."

Adorable comic, and my sympathy :)
Freshman15's avatar
Thank you, and congratulations on your upcoming marriage! :D
NaomiKnight17's avatar
stuffedbellylover's avatar
That comic is great!

Best wishes,

dwillsn's avatar
lol i just wanna say you have the most adorable brain ever lmao can totally relate to the comic
NotWolverine's avatar
you mean that DOESN'T go away when you get older?
KwartzKitten's avatar
I hate it when my brain does that, too.
Diego-the-Incubus's avatar
Same thing happened to me when I first moved on to campus. -.-;
Artytoons's avatar
With a great apartment comes great responsibility...


buttstastic's avatar
your brain is cute
Taigan's avatar
My roommate lives this daily.
QwertyChris's avatar
Awwww, definitely been there countless of times - although I doubt that my brain would look as adorable as yours :XD:
coyotepack's avatar
My brain does that sometimes.
EmperorNortonII's avatar
Sometimes our heads are messed with. Sometimes our heads mess with us! :psychotic:
Doodlebotbop's avatar
At least you have an awesome blanket?

And I can totally sympathize, I just had a panic attack last night myself and hardly slept at all >.<
littledinosaurarms's avatar
Oh my god I am so there. Right now. I am living it. :( Stupid bills keeping me awake at night.
DarksideofNick's avatar
Oh god I know that feeling. Mine are usually about college XP
Toonwatcher's avatar
Yeah, your brain screwed with you, but how can you stay mad at a face that cute?
juriette's avatar
XD that's true, sweetie, that's all true

and cute brain OwO
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