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Dog Food

By Freshman15
I work for a pet store company, and this is part of my job.
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mistaD's avatar
sometimes I wonder if the dogs are getting a better meal than us :C
snnydarlin's avatar cousin Sam works for a pet store. Oh man. This cracked me up. <3
cozmictwinkie's avatar
Hi Laura! That's actually Sam in that last panel there. I work with her. :3
snnydarlin's avatar
Oh! I think I knew that at one time and then forgot. <3
ShiKageMaru's avatar
I'm still of the opinion that they need to make a dog's ass flavor. bet you it beats chicken every time.
ChesCaHans's avatar
Too bad no pet food I've ever seen looks like what's advertised.
Paladin343's avatar
I know precisely what you mean. Cat food is the same way. *rolls eyes* I mean, look at those Fancy Feast cans sometimes.
Spirit-Dragon99's avatar
I still find it funny that what we feed our pets is heathlier then what we feed ourselves.
Artytoons's avatar
I saw this on a game show blooper special first and located the same clip on Youtube.

A clip from the "To Tell The Truth" game show in the 70s with the celebrity guest panel being served beef stroganoff made with a special ingredient related to your comic strip here. The reactions by guest celebs Kitty Carlisle and Gene Rayburn are priceless.

I have to admit, the thing I miss most as a vegetarian is cat food. >_>
Fish flakes are pretty nummy too.
ChikyuuMature's avatar
I know, right?! They make dog food sound gourmet! There was this one brand of canned dog food where they had stuff like roasted duck and filet mignon. Geez.
KwartzKitten's avatar
Dog food seems better than people food.
Toonwatcher's avatar
It's a sad state of affairs when the family dog is eating better meals than its master.
Carsis's avatar
This is why I believe that living as a hobo wouldn't be SO bad :p
Chaos-Shepherd's avatar
That is so funny, I'm glade I'm not the only one who gits like this.
No-Dogs-Allowed's avatar
It's true. Dog food often sounds very appetising.
digitalrailroader's avatar
I was starting to wonder what happened to you, I guess you got a job to pay for Mrs. Norris The Car 2!
cozmictwinkie's avatar
Oh no. New car now. Don't have a name for her yet. :3
LanternBat's avatar
You know there's something wrong with your diet if a description of dog food is making your mouth water.
delSHARK's avatar
Dude. Gravy Train is the BEST. 8<
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