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This begins a whole group of comics to which Abe (the graphics editor) lost the original drawings to. Therefore I am forced to present you with crappy, butchered newsprints.

It always seemed odd to me that whenever I found myself at some family function, relatives I'd met maybe twice before in mylife would approach me and always ALWAYS tell me how they'd changed my diapers when I was little. I began to doubt whether my parents really had to do so much work raising me as they always complained about.
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this kinda looks like asnip-it from diary of a wimpy kid
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Funny!! The sad thing is, its sooooo true!!
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You didn't have it so bad I wet the bed till I was 16, Been changed by a lot of relatives...I hate family gatherings, They allways bring up the subject!! I guess thats why I am in diapers at night still.!!!
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Sprite37|Professional Digital Artist
Pffft... that's that's rich :dance:
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A pox on distant relative who rarely visit and refuse to stop reminiscing about the days when we were incontinent and braindead. A pox, I say!

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XD Wunnerful! But my relatives say "I took care of you" instead of the diaper line... *snrk*
Yet we have jillions of family members that do that...
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I think the best part of the strip is you thinking "Do tell…" - heh, classic.

It's funny, because you don't REALLY want them to tell. Ha! Ah, the hilarity.
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spiritofcat|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe, such neglect...
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hehe^^ great expressions!
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