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With special guest stars Toddler Lindsay and :iconblueplastic: 's Quee.

There are some things you just can't do once you hit a certain age. And I'm not even talking about being out of shape (I'm an out of shape adult now, and I used to be an out of shape kid.) We were at a park this weekend and I was watching this group of kids playing in the grass, throwing themselves around like beanbags, then getting up like it was nothing.

Kids are made of freaking rubber. It's us adults that're fragile. =P
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Well, there's also "Square Cube Law":  Smaller people tend to have greater strength in proportion to their mass :-p.  So, yeah, even fairly fit adults tend not to handle a botched cartwheel as well as a pint sized kid does >.<.  
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this is so true
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Gah. Now I'm scared that one day, that woman will be me. *unsettlingly paces for seventy minutes straight* ahh... *falls* Guess I'm sleeping here tonight...
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This is most definitely me! :D
whalewithlegs's avatar
I LOVE that punchline XD
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ouch! Umm...I know how that feels...sigh
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GAH!! im fourteen and yet i suddenly feel so old XD
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At least its not raining.

*listens for ominus rumble in the clouds*
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I'm getting back pains just thinking about it...or it could just be from sleeping on a broken bed frame.
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I know how ya feel, and felt like an old man since I was 8 with the problems. Even got a get off my yard hand wave.
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Well, Hopefully my Body holds out for the next 10 years, because i am going into Automotive Repair Work, and they SURE Like their Impact Wrenches!
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Eh, I'm still pretty flexible, with the occasional exceptions of my big toes & my thumbs, which I crack the bones in sometimes. I blame the thumbs on over a decade of video gaming though.
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No, I've been playing games for about as long as you have (Over a decade) and I can still move my thumbs without cracking.

I guess for each person, it's different.
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It's just easy when one weighs next to nothing. Physics; the accursed enemy of us all.
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T__T I'm turning 18 next month...Oh God T__T I don't wanna sleep in the grass :ohnoes:

:D But this made me laugh A LOT :rofl:
Ananymoose's avatar
It's not so bad, unless you do something to attract and stinging or biting insects. Ants and wasps. If ants get to you, you're out of luck. If wasps get on you, it's only a matter of being dead still until they get off.
TehKupoKween666's avatar
:o What if I'm REALLY good at playing dead? Would that help?
Ananymoose's avatar
Ants EAT dead things, they swarm all over something dead if it's outside. So if they think you're dead they swarm over you. Wasps will usually leave you alone.
TehKupoKween666's avatar
:o Yeah flies will have babies in my esophagous
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I'm as fit as I a teenager! A teenager that's very out of shape that is! XP
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How the heck old are you anyway, Mike?
Tanukitsune1's avatar
31? ^^;

Maybe Spain didn't bother with sex education back then? Or maybe my school sucked? :shrug:
cozmictwinkie's avatar
I couldn't begin to guess. I'm in a different country, where things have started to go nuts with regards to sex ed...and reproductive rights...and...and I have to stop there or I'll make myself angry. :P
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