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Love Me Hate Me

Experiment with typography and vectoring.
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Hey I really like your artwork,

I don't know how to message, so i'm jut gonna leave this on your comment section.

I need an artist to design a logo for my website.

Would you be interested in getting paid to design one for me ?

Email me at: with a sample of your portfolio, and we can discuss the terms.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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This is awesome! completely in Illustrator!
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Nice one!
Great concept/idea!
r0CcnRrolla's avatar
:heart: it amazing job!
Powers05's avatar
Nice work man :)
ady20079's avatar
This is just great !
SaliM89's avatar
This would make a sick t-shirt I think.

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Nice work with the Gradient Mesh ;)
CkChRIzZ's avatar
damn that liquid stuff is vector? that's sick.
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That's really cool. At first I thought it was made in 3D, but that outline-thingy made it clear that it was something extra :)
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Thanks. I'm glad that it's that convincing.
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great shizzle.
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reads as love em hate em more than love me hate me
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cool job, liking it.
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Nice typoraphy, clean effective and to the point. Can't help thinking this would look great on a t-shirt or something.


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Nice, thanks. I was thinking of making it available for print, actually.
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How was the liquid looking thing done?

Very nice, but it seems a tad plain.
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Thanks. I used references to make the liquid. And just like the text, I used the pentool with gradient maps to recreate it.
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