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Pokemon wedding 3D card

I made this card for my sister's wedding! These are their favorite pokemon.
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They look great! (Funny thing is my team in Mystery dungeon is Chikorita and Mudkip XD)
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Thank you! I love the Mystery Dungeon series! When my sister played the Explorers one she was Chikorita with Mudkip as her partner, naturally. I always pick Mudkip as my partner in all the games I can, too, haha (but I play as Cyndaquil). 
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I would love to have one of these for a wedding.
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This is so adorable. Your sister and her husband have good taste in pokemon. :p Congrats to them!
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So cute! What a great idea!!
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thank you very much!
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that is some beautiful typography. and of course the imagery is great, but man. that congratulations.
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It took 487547584 tries to get it nice. I looked up calligraphy stuff. thank you!
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Absolutely adorable :aww:
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So much love <3. Very cute/ sweet <3
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really cute, sweet and nice ^^
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so pretty and cute!
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This is adorable!!! :o
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At first I thought you meant it was the invitation, and I was about to remark on your sister's boldness. :P This is a cute design! Was it done with traditional media or did you print it and then cut?
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Haha no, it was just a small family only thing.
Since I wanted it to be able to be redone if it gets sun bleached or something, I decided to print then cut. The original sketch was hand done though.
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I see- it turned out very nicely! :>
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How cute! I love that the front's pop-out and not just flat. It looks really nice.
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