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:happybounce:Hey folks, I hope you're doing well! :la:

It came much faster than I expected...but (already) in the beginning of August the 1000+ were hit....

And yes, I know I'm repeating myself again and again, but I just find no better way nor the right words to express this...

Tight Hug Headbang!  :squee: Love I am a dummy! Thank you so much!Huggle! Nuu Woohooooo! Airborne High-five! 

For all your support, your feedback, for your art, for your kindness!
I'm not even full 2 years on DA, but since I am here, I met so many kind and inspiring people...
Thank you for going parts of the DA journey with me! :happybounce:
Though the more watchers there are, the more complicated it gets to reply to all, I wanted to say again that I appreciate every fav, comment or watch a lot!


Surprise, surprise, I'm holding a little raffle again! :D

 Bullet; Red THE PRIZES Bullet; Red 

Bullet; Red 1st: A free request!

Bullet; Red 2nd: 200Points + one ink pen portrait sketch like those:

Bullet; Red 3rd: 150Points + one ink pen portrait sketch like those:

Bullet; Green HOW TO PARTICIPATE Bullet; Green 

Bullet; Green Be a watcher
(new are always welcome, of course, but please don't watch just because of the raffle!)

Bullet; Green To enter, please comment that you want to join and you will get a number!


Bullet; Yellow Share the journal with a poll, journal, status update...on DA! Please share a link in the comment!(+1 ticket/number)

Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple Chance to EnterBullet; Purple Bullet; Purple 

Til 30th September!

(winners announced 3rd Oct)

:la: Have a wonderful day/night/time! :la:

Here the participants + numbers will be seen:
QuattroBarrato -(1, 2) 
 Iwana-Red -(3, 4) 
 jmaeq -(9) 
da433 -(10, 11) 
NocturnallyLunar -(12, 13) 
 Proxamina -(14, 15) 
hankhounddog -(16, 17) 
  Yahga -(20)
  thebadgerfoxdraws -(21,22)   
Shadow4kuma -(23)   
PapierowySzczur -(24)   
Hope144 -(25)   
LadyMintLeaf -(26)    
39rin -(27)
MelodyDrawz -(28,29)
Lilygumdrop -(30,31)
LadySeshiiria -(33, 34)
Havenwic -(35)
Xrisoka -(36, 37)
GreySparkle -(38, 39)
mim8icri -(41)
MasterRJ -(42, 43)
FnkMstr74 -(46, 47)
Seeeks -(49)
TangIed -(50)
Markkus76 -(51)
CelestialInk -(52, 53)
Panartias -(54, 55)
LeilaAscariz -(56, 57)
jonwassing -(60, 61)
NiceTrashcan -(68,69)
RustySun -(73)
Nerissien -(74)
willisrharrower -(75, 76)
HappyGloom -(77, 78)
TheKikkaKibaz -(79, 80)

Heyhey, I'm finally back! :dummy: (As you might have already noticed XD)
Alright, actually I'm melting right now....It is much too hot in Germany, all plants are dying away...:nuu:

But as I wrote, the winners will be announced 26th or 27th...I wrote down the joining people from first to last commenter and asked the Random Number Generator....and it answered......:dummy::dummy::dummy:

Congratulations to the winner and again huge thanks for those who joined! :tighthug:

I'll draw the characters in order of the 'places'!
I'm not quite sure if I'll submit them single or all in one, but of course the artists will get them single :D

I wanted again say Thank You to all of you....The support I got, especially on
Ringwraith (Speedpaint) by FrerinHagsolb
and all the new watchers....this is something I never dared to think about when I started here on DA. I mean....heading for 1000??????? :faint::faint::faint:
Sadly, more support always means less personal messages....which actually was and is very important for me. But especially now after 3 weeks 'off' DA, there were so many notifications I wasn't able to work through anymore - it would need a lot of time, time I stupidly don't have. :faint: But I hope you believe me when I'm saying that I appreciate everything a lot, although I might not reply or thank you for everything single.

:-? (Confused) For this reason, I also wanted to ask if you have any ideas what would be nice for a 1000 watcher special? Shrug Confused Sherlock Holmes

Greetings, Floris :happybounce:

Hey folks,

I hope you had a nice summer (or winter!!!) so far! La la la la 

I enjoy my holidays, finally getting some time for more creative stuff again….rather 6 weeks.


Bullet; Black Why a raffle?

I spent a long time without 'real' drawing (bless school) and also got a new tablet a week ago I have to work in.:dummy:

Because of that, all the support I got the last time and also because I considered starting commissions, I thought about the idea of making a little raffle as training and for giving something back.

Bullet; Black What is the price? Places 1-3

My idea was a digital, monochrome sketch of one character (own characters are prefered, but if you haven’t any, also known characters are okay or you can simply name different characteristics and I’ll have a look what I can do :D), half or full body (I would decide that on the character itself), like this, a bit more accurate:

Durin Brothers (Speedpaint) by FrerinHagsolb

For the random picked winners 1-3


Bullet; Black How to join?

Bullet; Green Be a watcher

Bullet; Green Comment under this journal: Include a link to the character of your choice and please name three most important infos about appearance and characteristics each, as well as a colour of your choice (if you have one)


Bullet; Red UNTIL 20TH JULYBullet; Red 

(I will be 3 weeks off home...I didn't want to open it 3 weeks, so it's open until 20th.)

The winners will be announced 26th or 27th.


Bullet; Red Please note: I’m not used to anthros or furries or whatever, so I would like to limit the raffle on human/human-like characters. If you are unsure, simply ask in the comment (but it could be I reply later, I don't know how much often I can have a look on DA on hoildays)

Another point:

You don’t have to share this in a journal or update! But of course I’m happy when you do :D

Floris :happybounce:

My first feature outside DA (I think, it also could be my first feature of that kind at all), published in 'The Horror Zine':

Thanks to Jeani Rector who gave me the possibility for this and also for choosing some older works for the feature, too.

I wish you all a wonderful day! :squee:

P.S.: I'm not quite sure if I will post a drawing/painting this week....At the moment, I'm not working actively on a piece at the time, just on predrawings and sketches. This doesn't have to do with an art block, but since I handed in my seminar paper on Monday, I'm still a bit exhausted. But there is definitely something coming before I'll go into holidays! :D
Did you already worked on a piece you spent much time on and then it busts or gets ruined?
Just had this today.
Besides drawing and painting, I participated in a ceramic class (for at least 7 years now), and never had (real) problems with the sculpting or furnace process.
This was the first time I worked an air pocket in. A big one, sadly.
I was so glad when I finished the sculpting:
Untitled by FrerinHagsolb Untitled by FrerinHagsolb Untitled by FrerinHagsolb

And this is how it came out of the furnace:

Untitled by FrerinHagsolb

Yeah, great. What the ----.

This was a half-a-year-work. Rest in Peace, lad.
He'll never come whole to the other figures, but I try to glue it the best way I can.

Untitled by FrerinHagsolb

Did this happened to you once, too? How you tried to save it?
Feel free to share!
Hey guys, I hope you're doing well!
I did a sketch of Thorin a while ago, and made some ideas for the composition/additions. Today I made rough sketches of my two favs.
I don't know when I am going to realize the drawing, because I'm working on different stuff right now, but these are the first sketches of the two versions:
Img 20180121 0002-2 by FrerinHagsolb

Img 20180121 0001 by FrerinHagsolb

Which one would you like to see more/is better?

Thanks for your feedback and have a good start into the next week!!
Hey, folks, how are you? I hope you survived Christmas! :D No, really, I hope you had a wonderful time and enjoyed the last days of 2017! :hug:

The 30th Dec, that means I drew lots with a random number generator, and the winners for the raffle are...

First Prize, a free request:


Second Prize, 250Points :


Third Prize, 150Points :


Many thanks to all participants and congrats to the winners!

I wish you all a Happy New Year and creative and inspiring year 2018! :la: :happybounce:
Have a great time!

Hey you all! Like I promised, here are the results of the experiment!
Everything started with this work:
Trio by FrerinHagsolb
(Fràr, Nelin and Eltas)
Again: Everyone who has an idea for a part of their 'story' can sketch, draw, paint, write (whatever you want) it, don't care which style and materials you use!
Of all characters, of only one, with others, landscapes, scene...What comes to your mind!

First, a huge THANK YOU to all participants, it is so amazing you took your time to create your works for this, making the experiment to what it is! :la: :happybounce: :hug:

But now, here are their awesome ideas (in alphabetic order of the artists' names!):

Trio by Ashmerra
She wrote: When I saw the picture of them, I saw Frár antagonising Eltas for the fun of it, while Nelin, who's the sensible one, would look on mildly irritated.  So in this sketch, the Dwarf stole the Elf's lute and is running away with it, the Elf is using Elvish swears at the Dwarf, and poor Nelin's blood pressure just spiked because of those fools.  Giggle 

:iconben-delamore:Ben-Delamore :
Just another day adventuring... by Ben-Delamore
Eltas - "I'm playing inspirational music!"

Frár - "The only thing you're inspiring me to do is smash that damn lute of yours!

Nelin by ForcePond
Her idea: My picture shows Nelin sitting in a bar, drinking some arrogant male under the table. It could be, that she hasn´t met the other two characters of the reference picture yet. 

He sent me...some sketches about the world he imagined the characters would live in. He thought about the nordic mythology, where the World Tree would be hurt by evil creature(s) and the task of the three characters would be to obviate his death.
Untitled by Ushiab Untitled by Ushiab 
Yggdrasil by Ushiab Untitled by Ushiab
Untitled by Ushiab Untitled by Ushiab

Make sure to check them out and discover more of their artworks they shared! :la:Gallery Woohooooo!

I hope you have a great day/evening/night! 

:happybounce: Hey guys, I hope you're all doing well! :happybounce:

(First, a little update: I want to apologize to write this so late, and that I had hardly time to draw or paint something in the last time...School was really stressful, I had exams, tests and a lot of other things to do...But today was the last day of school for year 2017!!!! I don't have holidays yet, but something called 'Freies Thema': From Wednesday to the next, we can work on any project we want, as long as a teacher agrees with our idea. Now, what am I going to do? Drawing. I want to use the time to begin with a bigger project I wanted to start for some months now. I don't know if I'm going to upload some sketches or works of this week, and I don't want to speak about details in this journal, but let me say that much, it has something to do with this work: Am Ende einer Reise )

But now, why I actually write this Journal...

Bullet; Yellow 500+ Watchers! Bullet; Yellow 

I can't tell how much this means to me, and I can't stop saying THANK YOU! For all your support and feedback, it helps me a lot and I'm so glad to have you all by my side! When I started this, I never expected to reach that mark...But, well here it is!
:tighthug: :squee: Woohooooo! Airborne  Boogie! w00t! High-five! Glomp! Man Hug Hug 

I can't give you that much back I'd love to do, but for  doing something more special than writing permanently all my 'Thank You' s to you, I thought about a little Raffle!

I guess most of you know how this will go...To everyone who particiapates I will give one (or two) numbers, and with a random number generator I will draw lots for the prizes!

The Prizes:

Bullet; Red First: A free request!
Bullet; Red Second: 250 :points:!
Bullet; Red Third: 150 :points:!

How to participate:

Bullet; Green First, the basic requirement is that you are a watcher.
Bullet; Green Second, to enter, fav this Journal! (This will be your entry and your name will appear in the list!)


Bullet; Yellow Share this journal with a poll, journal, status on DA!

Chance to enter:

Bullet; Red Til 25th Dec!!!Bullet; Red 

The winners will be announced on 30th Dec 2017!

But for now, I hope you'll have a great day/night/time!!! :la: :hug:

:squee: Now the date was suddenly there...On 9th November, I finished my first year here on DeviantArt! :la: I can hardly believe it. I'm really glad I decided to start a profile; the practicing, all the feedback I get, all the different fascinating and inspiring works I discover (more and more favs day by day...:faint:), writing with other people around the world...It's just an unbelieveable huge personal gain! So, this is a gigantic THANK YOU to all of you, thank you so much for your support and for being here! :tighthug::happybounce: Huggle!

Is there anything you would say I should change/introduce, things you would say I should try out? (materials, etc.?) Ideas are always welcome!

As a special for this 'birthday', I thought about drawing something old again Psychotic. Nothing of a year ago, it's about 3 years old (from 2014). To get a surprise (or not), I decided not to look at the old drawing while drawing the new one...Well, I sadly didn't managed to finish the drawing at the right time (I'm still working on it), so I already had a look now...Here they are:
Untitled by FrerinHagsolb  Untitled by FrerinHagsolb
2014                                             2017                                              Eeeeeh...yep. :D

And here some other things I'm working on (I guess there is a lot more I forgot):
Fischer1 by FrerinHagsolb A fisherman from Dale (digital)

3 by FrerinHagsolb Practicing landscape...(digital)

Untitled by FrerinHagsolb Testing markers...(eh...Markers!)

And, what I planned to do next in watercolour: Túrin's Death. But stupidly, I need new paper first...Nuu Sad dummy

P.S.: 495 WATCHERS!!!!! What would you think would be good for a special?

P.P.S: For everyone who's interested: about two weeks left! : EXPERIMENT! --EDIT!I finished the characters at least! :dummy:
So, for everyone who wants to participate now...
Out of old journal (Oct 12):
Yesterday I began to sketch a drawing with 3 characters (medieval/fantasy: a woman, a dwarf and an elf) - nothing planned in advance, I just scribbled what came to my mind. It was a lot of fun I am a dummy!, and while doodling around, I thought have no idea how to call it)...a game? An experiment?

Bullet; Green THE IDEA:
Everyone who has an idea for a part of their 'story' can sketch, draw, paint, write (whatever you want) it, don't care which style and materials you use!
Of all characters, of only one, with others, landscapes, scene...What comes to your mind!
The objective is to get a collection of different ideas on base of one drawing.
For that, I'll submit a journal in the end.
Bullet; Green HOW TO PAR

I hope you all have a good start in the new week and a nice day/evening/...!
Greetings from Floris!Glomp! 
I finished the characters at least! :dummy:
So, for everyone who wants to participate now...
Out of old journal (Oct 12):
Yesterday I began to sketch a drawing with 3 characters (medieval/fantasy: a woman, a dwarf and an elf) - nothing planned in advance, I just scribbled what came to my mind. It was a lot of fun I am a dummy!, and while doodling around, I thought have no idea how to call it)...a game? An experiment?

Bullet; Green THE IDEA:

Everyone who has an idea for a part of their 'story' can sketch, draw, paint, write (whatever you want) it, don't care which style and materials you use!
Of all characters, of only one, with others, landscapes, scene...What comes to your mind!

The objective is to get a collection of different ideas on base of one drawing.
For that, I'll submit a journal in the end.


Add a link to your idea in a comment below this journal or send me a note (subject: experiment) til

4th December !

EDIT: 11th December!

I'll submit the journal on 9th December. 16th December.

Please add a link to this journal to your submission!

P.S.: For those who want to sketch/draw/paint, it would be nice if you could write one or two sentences in the description about your idea!

But now, these are the fellows:
Trio by FrerinHagsolb
Bullet; Green The dwarf Frár, Nelin and the elf Eltas.Bullet; Green

I'm looking forward to your ideas! :D
Have a nice day!
 Kind regards, Floris! :happybounce: 

Hey you all,
Yesterday I began to sketch a drawing with 3 characters (medieval/fantasy: a woman, a dwarf and an elf) - nothing planned in advance, I just scribbled what came to my mind. It was a lot of fun :dummy:, and while doodling around, I thought have no idea how to call it)...a game? An experiment?

My idea was to upload this drawing (when it's finished, of course), and everyone who wants to participate could think about it and sketch, draw, paint, write (...whatever) a part for their 'story' (or just for one character). In the end, I'll submit a journal with all ideas, to get a collection of what came out of just one drawing.

Is anyone interested? Suggestions?

Have a nice day!
Greetings, Floris

How old are u?

Still 17! But soon 18.

Your name?

Floris. Or Frerin.

How social are you?

Always depends on if I want to be it or not :D. I love to be with other people, with my friends and family and so on, but if I need some time for me alone, I take it.

How long have you been on Deviant Art?

Almost a year! (Eeh...really?) Ok, a month more.

What are your future plans for the site?

Uploading stuff and discover more art.

Do you want to pursue a career in art?

I'd love to!

On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate your art?

I hate such questions, and I can't answer it. I do what I love to do, how I feel like and always try to learn.

Do you ever plan on leaving Deviant Art?

Not until now.

Who is your favorite visual artist?

I can't tell. There are so many great artists. It's easier to tell if I like it or not by seeing a work.

Do you use a tablet or a mouse?

A tablet. I never understand how to draw with a mouse.

How long does it usually take you to complete your artwork?

Depends on the materials and how I want it. And on how much time school requires.

How well do you handle criticism?

As long as it is fair and in kind purpose, it's appreciated. But hate and ill-founded comments I don't understand.
I also wouldn't call this criticism.

I tag: MamoswineDraws

1. Whats your favorite art form? (crafts, digital, sketching)

Does it mean which art form I like to practice most? I love variety, trying out different things.
2. Whats your favorite book series?
'book series' is a bit difficult. I love books, and there are so many great stories. But concerning a series...Well, I love Tolkien's world! :D
3. Introvert or Extrovert?
Nothing special.
4. Also chocolate or vanilla?

My questions:

1.What would you call your source of inspiration?
2.If you read comics/graphic novels, do you have a favourite?
3.What do you want to draw/paint/sculpt/... next?
4.The last work you were really proud of?

I tag:
Hey folks, how are you? :D (Big Grin)
(I recently recognized I'm a three-quarter year on DA...WHAT? Whatever, this is not the reason I write this journal^^)
I have three things to say/ask...
First: 400 WATCHERS!!!!!!!!!!!La la la la :happybounce: Woohooooo! Airborne Headbang! 
400+ 12.8.17 by FrerinHagsolb
You're just awesome! Thanks for every support!!!! 400 are so many people, I can't believe it. I would bake cakes for you all (if I could, baking isn't my strength...^^)! Really, it means so much to me, just can say this again and again!

An official 'thank you' to Cagnaccio87! I won a free request in his 500 watchers give away, it turned out absolutely great! Check him out, his works are incredible! w00t! Boogie!  cagnaccio87.deviantart…

And the last point: I'm currently working on an illustration for the song 'New Hip Moon' from 'Grave Pleasures' (once 'Beastmilk') for an August challenge (I always wanted to do an illustration for this song, now there is an occasion! :D (Big Grin))
My problem: I always imagined the moon as a full moon, but now recognized that I have no idea what a 'new hip moon' exactly is. I'm just a bit confused with the translation, 'cause 'hip' has more meanings...Don't no if the shape of the moon is important or not. ^^
Could you please help? These are the lyrics: (and the song, if you're interested: [link])

sweet lunar empress / native of this blackness
are you my sister, lover? / or are you my killer?
gorgeous gorgeousity made flesh / a blush of milk white ghostliness
i'd pay all my dues to the dark / just to be lit by a glint of you
i'm coming up on the drug of your glow / i'm falling for a new hip moon
but i now bitter tears will fall / as intoxication grows
i'm coming up by the drug of your glow / high as the tide that you rock and roll
from your heavenly pillow / you read the signs from fallen stars
like a scarecrow for dawn / am i a fascinations fool
to bow down before your burning crown? / am i loosing my mind to you
all woman, all light, all truth?
i'm in love with the light / i'm in love with the light
i'm in love with the light of a new hip moon

Alright, that's it! (Aaah...the lyrics aren't on the internet, had to transcribe them from the booklet :faint:)

Have a nice evening/morning/day!!!! :D
Reached the 300!!! As always, thank you all (older and newer) for the support! Glomp!

300 by FrerinHagsolb

Further, I got a drawing from school back. We had the subject "Jugendstil" (Modern Art) about 1 year ago. The piece is still uncoloured, and I don't know if I'm going to coulour it some day. So, here's an idea: if you have ideas how to colour it, feel free to let of steam! If you want to upload it, it would be nice if you would mention my name.
And maybe you can add it in a comment below? If some versions will be gathered, I'll have a look to submit a journal with my favourites. I would submit this in the end of June.
So, here it is:

Vorfruehling by FrerinHagsolb

Have a great day! :D
Hey there,
since 9 May I'm half a year on DeviantArt (serious?)! It doesn't feel like that. So, what are my impressions for these 6 months? First, I tried to practice more often, so I also get time to put more ideas into practice. Second, it's wonderful I got so many feedbacks and watchers in this time (276 at the moment), and it's really great to have you all Tight Hug! Also, it's great to discover day by day new awesome works here...(I already faved too many...)I think I've fainted. 

Stupidly, school is really stressful at the time, and I don't get much time to do the stuff I want, and there are too many works I began...
So here are my plans for the next time, drawings and paintings I want to finish...sooner or later! :D

Untitled by FrerinHagsolb Untitled by FrerinHagsolb Untitled by FrerinHagsolb
Pencil + watercolour              Watercolour                             Don't know what materials...     

Untitled by FrerinHagsolb Watercolour or ink Untitled by FrerinHagsolbCharcoal (just sketch)


Fili Portrait 6 by FrerinHagsolb         In der Gasse by FrerinHagsolb         The King has come onto his own skizze by FrerinHagsolb

I hope to upload something soon again...

What to say else... have a wonderful weekend! :happybounce: 
200 watcher!!!
Many thanks to you all for all the amazing support! This is the 5th month, I hope that in the coming time you'll still find works that you like! Apart from that: Have a nice day! ;)
200 by FrerinHagsolb
Now I'm three month on DeviantArt.
When I looked at my messages this morning, I was...speechless. 117 favs on Melkor? I couldn't believe that, and now there are even more!
These are just to many to thank everyone individual, so this is a huge THANK YOU to you all!!!! (Maybe other persons who faved but don't watch will see that too)
It means so much to me, and I'm really surprised...this is a wonderful start in the 4th month! :D

Melkor by FrerinHagsolb