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Hotbed of Darkness (Angband)
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Published: August 31, 2018
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Well, this is a very surreal version of Angband.. Why?
Hehe, it was actually a drawing of a root (which is probably still visible), which kinda looked like an eroded rock with a tower to me (don't know if you see this, too). So I began to alienate it.
Angband was the second dark fortress of Morgoth in the 'Silmarillion', commanded by Sauron. It is full of tunnels, corridors and dungeons.
I began the work in art class on a coffee-soaked paper I still had left, and, as I wrote, it was actually a study with ink and quill of a wonderful morbid root. I shaded it with ink and brush, but some shadings were already on the paper (because of the coffee). I think I needed about 6h or a bit more.

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FlutterflylingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Fascinating. :)
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Aya-Lunar Traditional Artist
This looks awesome, Love the linework, the textures and the hues and shades of dark, the little bit of color in hues you can see here and there, it works so well, love how you seem to see twisted things in old root like trees like these, it made me think of that looming tree in the movie Sleeping Hollow a bit, ofcourse it looks very different still, but it gives me the same feel, well done Floris, if I can call you that, it said it on your page :>
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Thanks so much! :hug: The root itself was awesome for this, it had such a great structure. There was no way around seeing a bit more in it. :D
I haven't seen Sleepy Hollow yet, but I searched for pictures - it looks like a spooky, yet very beutiful tree! :la: (Yeah, I love trees...)And or sure you can call me Floris! :D
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taemartProfessional Digital Artist
i thought it , sauron eyes tower at first ,!!!
question, morgoth, or silmarillon , is that the same gate where the armys that went to minth terith in the 3 movie , the return of the king !!!!
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Ah, sorry for the belated reply, the comment got kinda lost in my notifications!
It isn't that wrong when you thought that, because Sauron was the student of Melkor and with that it wouldn't be strange if the towers look similar! :D But no, Angband is not the same like the Black Gate in the Return of the King. In time of the Lord of the Rings, Angband doesn't exist anymore.
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taemartProfessional Digital Artist
oh, i didnt know that sauron had a master before !!! thats new !!!
FrerinHagsolb's avatar
Yes! There are mighty guys called 'Valar', they're actually like gods. Melkor was one of them. Sauron belongs to the 'Maiar', which are also mighty, but under the Valar. lol. Gandalf and the other wizards are also Maiar like Sauron, but I think Sauron is more powerful.
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taemartProfessional Digital Artist
so the this godlike beens chose a group of people to be something like the protictors ?
this is new  to me why dont thy do a movie from the beginign 
 ok a nother question, is sauron a human ? or  a demon 
another question, , you seem like you know alot of this, : who is the blue wizerd and the 2nd white wizerd,? thy didnt mention thim in the movies !!!
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Ah, I'm so sorry for the very late reply, your comment got a bit lost between the others!
It is difficult to explain, if your really interested in it, I recommend you to read or hear the first chapters of the Silmarillion, there is everything explained!
Maybe let's explain it like this: There is a hierarchy, first, there is
Eru (or also called Illuvatar), he is like the main god or father of the gods. He created the
Valar, which are kind of gods, too, they have also great powers to rule and create things, and together Eru and the Valar created the world.
The Maiar have also a lot of power, but not that much as the Valar have, they are like the helpers of the Valar.
Sauron and the wizards are such Maiar, so they're not human or demons.

I think there were already plans to do a movie or series for the Silmarillion, but actually the story is way to complex for this. So I don't know if they'll do it.

There are in general 5 wizards: Saruman (the White), Gandalf (the Grey, later the White), the two Blue Wizards (called Pallando and Alatar) and Radagast (the Brown). The two Blue Wizards aren't mentioned often in the movies or books, because they went into the East of Middle Earth (the story of the Lord of the Rings and so on takes place in the West). Know one knows what happened to them.
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taemartProfessional Digital Artist
oh ok .. that is really too much for me to take, 
i actually didint know that ther is a back back story for the story, 
this is really amazing !!!
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Yes, this is all happens thousands and thousands of years before the story of the Lord of the Rings :D
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JoTheDreamerHobbyist Traditional Artist
The detail is amazing...!
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Thank you very much! :hug:
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FateMagicianStudent Writer
Such wonderful inkwork!!! :heart:
FrerinHagsolb's avatar
Thank you very much, glad you like it! :hug:
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AntonKurbatov Digital Artist
Looks great! This is how you create a nice texture with simple materials. Good work!
FrerinHagsolb's avatar
Thanks kindly! Ink is just a wonderful medium :D
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ysasiHobbyist Digital Artist
Moody and way too cool
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TheUnconfidentArtistHobbyist General Artist
Lovely idea! Also the details are incredible :clap:
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