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A Moment of Rest
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Published: February 11, 2018
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Yeay, school starts again tomorrow! :dummy: (cough, cough)
I think it's going to be hard to find time to draw or paint until the weekend, so I wanted to finish this piece to start a new digital work as soon as I can (probably a character again).
Maybe you remember the greyscale version from my status update, where I asked for some tips, especially for setting more focus on the guy. Thanks for all your feedback, the tips were all very helpful! :hug: Although I wasn't able to change all the things you mentioned, they will be very helpful for coming works for me.

I started this painting in ArtRage, but imported it into Photoshop after a while, also for colouring, so I had just on layer left. It was my first try colouring a greyscale work, but I think I kinda managed it...:D Still trying out how to work with colours and different tools.

Have a nice week, folks!
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HazelRose3637Professional General Artist
Great job with the lighting and layout :)
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 I love the use of green colours! And I actually do not think he disappears as much when it is coloured. Probably because he is not as green as the background.
Great job!
FrerinHagsolb's avatar
Many thanks! Yeah, I think colouring was a good choice...Also because it gets a special mood with it. :D
SleepyDuckling's avatar
Yes it did! I need to figure out colouring for that exact reason.
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ForsThenebrissHobbyist General Artist
FrerinHagsolb's avatar
Thank you very much! ^^
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ItinerantDjuradhanHobbyist Traditional Artist
That castle in the distance is nobody's fool. That thing has high walls, and plenty of kill zones. This traveler had better be an ally. Well drawn, and well done.
FrerinHagsolb's avatar
It is indeed really hard to capture. :D Thank you!
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Shiina-SempaiHobbyist Digital Artist

Amazing Drawing, i really like the magical feeling it gives you, with the light strokes and the little ''dust'' in the air, it's really calming and nice all in all.
The castle from far away look nicely made. The water is looking amazing, i would've put a bit more details, like a bit of white close to the rocks, where the water hits it. But it looks nice anyway ^^ 

The grass is just breathtaking, so many details, you must be a patient artist :) 
The trees are well made, the wood looks realistic and the leaves are nicely made. I would sugest , you should go a little ''wilder'' at the end if the crown of the tree, not so round made, it should look as natural as possible, but still, it looks pretty nice 

Finally, the little warrior, (or human) you put a lot of details in his hair and costume, especially the ''print'' on the fur(?) from his shoulder, it looks gorgeous.

All in all , this piece is a really well made one, it captured an amazing atmosphere , calming, and just perfect. Great job 
FrerinHagsolb's avatar
Thanks a lot for your kind feedback! :huggle:
Yeah, I would call myself a patient artist to a certain point, but after I finished this work, I thought I could have spent more time on the leaves, because...well, you mentioned it, it looks a bit like someone trimmed the crown.^^Well, this is for the next time.
I'm glad you like it!
Shiina-Sempai's avatar
Shiina-SempaiHobbyist Digital Artist
No problem ^^ 
Glad i could help, at least a little bit :3

Good luck with your future work ^^ 
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Angel47093Hobbyist General Artist
Wow... I felt so calm when I looked at this painting. You're really good! Aww
FrerinHagsolb's avatar
Many thanks, this is wonderful to hear! :la:
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ChrysaorIVHobbyist Digital Artist
dayum, you makin me jelly
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DesenhoExperimentStudent Digital Artist
Hello from:iconprojectcomment:

I must start by saying that you really captured an atmosphere of warm and beauty with the choice of scenario, a bunch of beautiful green trees divided by a calm and shining body of water flowing while little glimpses of light passes thought the trees and shine in the water, beyond these trees exist a castle that is barely visible tanks to the yellow light of the sun, all being seen by an orange and brow warrior, the reason I am talking about colors is because the colors are what cements this calm and beautiful atmosphere as is the scenario you chose, I just realize that there is small plant life growing around the trees, a small detail that I find kind of hard to notice, but once you notice it makes the art a little more interesting. Your choice for a character to show in this art is the most interesting, he kind of looks like a Viking with the leather armor and shield, there is a small fabric in the spear that gives an idea that the wind isn’t blowing very strong, his Viking aspect is only helped by the hairstyle, I don’t know much about Vikings but there is the idea that they have long hair, so if you’re going with this idea good for you, the only thing weird is how the castle seems to be twisting a little, but this could be just a stylistic choice, and is only a problem for nitpick aspects. Overhaul you did a fantastic job.

FrerinHagsolb's avatar
Thank you very much for your kind words! I didn't thought about a viking, although the style would match. It is more thought in the direction of a ranger/maybe outpost, inspired by the design of Tolkien's dwarves (who are, surprise, also partly inspired by vikings :D).
DesenhoExperiment's avatar
DesenhoExperimentStudent Digital Artist
I gonna be honest,the first time i seen this art, i thought it was a tolkien fan art.
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ScharleHobbyist Digital Artist
This is simply awesome ;)
FrerinHagsolb's avatar
Vielen lieben Dank!^^
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