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A small update beside the stress:
I'm not dead yet! :dummy:
Last week I wrote my mock exams in German, English and History (maths and physics will follow next week)...And I'm allowed to drive a car now! :la:

Tomorrow I'm going to University with my portfolio...if I come further, the qualification test will follow.
Yeah - I'm a bit nervous.

Let's go into the Unknown! just because I watched the series yesterday...
Img 20190317 0001 (6) by FrerinHagsolb
Done in art class... The task was to illustrate our way of thinking - which is actually impossible in my opinion. I mean, when you try to follow your thinking process, don't you have influence on it the same time and falsify it?
However, I actually followed my intuition...but in the end, I would say this illustration portrays my way of thinking. It is difficult to explain :D

The work is done in two layers: The first (lines) was drawn on parchment paper with ink and quill and the lower layer is ink wash on watercolour paper.

I'm on my way replying to comments, notes and stuff...I'm not quite sure if I'll accomplish everything, but I have to do it some day. :D

Have a nice weekend!
The Sounds of Winter
All things are a bit frustrating at the moment. I hardly come to drawing or painting (actually not a single time this week) and there's a lot coming - mock exams, driving test, preparing the logo for the Abitur, preparing a portfolio, andandand...

So, this is a bit 'older work'...I think I finished it in December 2018 in my art class, it was in exhibition then and now I got it back.
It was the first time (or the last time was very, veeeeryy long ago) I painted on glass (yep, it is glass, the figure and the half of the tree are actually transparent)  - and I don't know if I'll do it again. :D It was funny and interesting, but the surface is so...slick.

Edit: I found a title which works better for me now...

Have a nice weekend!
The Hobbit - There and Back Again

The predrawing for this was done a while ago - it actually began with a school project about (actually german) literature. But I (and few others) picked foreign authors as well. Yep, guess what...mine was J.R.R. Tolkien. In this project I tried to lllustrate the plot of Tolkiens "main works": The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. The project ended with the pencil work, but for me it wasn't finished...there was (and still is) some work to do! :D (Yeay, colours...)

Now that I finally finished the work for "The Hobbit", it seems for me it is a bit "chaotic"...but nevermind, LotR and Silmarillion will get even more chaotic XD (Though I can't tell when it is going to be finished...)

Done with watercolour and no idea how long it took. I used different (rougher) watercolour paper than usual, it was a bit strange to work with.
That's all.
Oh no, wait...EDIT: I also used silver and gold gouache as well as white ink for small highlights! Just forgot that....

And now that I'm editing this, I'll ink some music I listened to while painting...

Opeth:      …

Have a nice weekend! :la:
Alright...this was a longer time ago (gosh, in November???), but :iconkatefrankienabeck: tagged me with few the moment (better say this school year) I'm very good in adjourning things. Yep, too less time mixed with poor organization and procrastination! :dummy:
But now...

1) What is your inspiration for drawing?
I think everything has influence on creative processes, but when I think about what inspires me directly, it would be  people (random or persons I know), landscapes, travelling, stories/books/comics, other artworks, (short-) movies, aaand quite often music in combination with those things or single.

2) If you could be an animal in future life (or now :D (Big Grin)) , what would it be?
That's a question which is always hard to answer (for me). I mean, I have no idea what I would be capable of thinking about as another animal. I guess I would stay a human. But if it is about trying something new, I think it would be a bird. A raven or something like that.

3) What is your favourite type of art to create? Is there any different style you would like to master?
Depending on what I use the most, it is probably ink and watercolour. But I love trying out different stuff, and something I never tried yet (and what I'd like to master) is painting with oil colours. I resolve to do that for a longer time now...and it's still to do.

4) What kind of music do you like to listen? say it short: Punk, Rock and Metal, mixtures of those genres, 'subgenres', sometimes more aggressive, often more 'melodic' stuff...and more.
A song I need to listen now: CAN I SCREAM? [link]

5) If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Something with what my bicycle goes up the mountain by itself (wait, there was already an invention, wasn't it? Nevermind), moving things like Syndrome from The Incredibles (just without gloves...and cape) or... actually I'd like to have a power to heal people with damn cancer or diabetes or or or...
And I'd love to stop war. Though I don't know if a super power can give the ability for such a madness.

6) Do you have favourite place in the world you want to go, or you have been and it touched you in some way?
I think for my age I already travelled much (my parents always considered that as important), and actually all places/ the countries and their cultures touched me. Things I remember actively at the moment were for example Vietnam, USA (east coast) and Iceland (the latest journey).
Next stops are USA (west coast) with my bro and dad and New Zealand (my long-time wish)...alone. This will get strange.

7) What do you hate about people or human feature the most?
Eeeeeeeeeh.....I'm sorry, I won't start this.

8) Do you have any dark secret that no one knows? (you don't have to tell what exactly... or you can  )  
Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..............................................No. Or wait.............

I'M BATMAN. (It's pretty dark...)

9) Cat or dog person? 
 Cat! Although I have nothing against dogs. But I rather own a cat.

10) If you have one wish, what would it be?
Well...this is quite similar to the 'superpower question'. Yeah, I'm a bit lazy right now. :D

Alright, that's it!
I don't know if I have to, but here are some questions (not really 10...and not really questions in some case)...

1) Depending on your current mood, what would you draw/paint/sculpt/write about/take a photo of right now?
2) Take a news paper, a test, any written text on paper...and a pencil. Now just drop the pencil (pointing down) ten times or more. What is standing there? (Whatever it is, you just created a dadaistic poem!:dummy:)
3) Do you have any favourite book, game or movie world you would like to visit once and why?
4) Do you have an art supply you wish to have/you're saving money for?
5) Coffee, tea, or...What do you like more for breakfast? (Or at any time...)
6) Are you a comic/manga reader? If yes, could you recommend one (or any other book)?             Note aside: I just finished the 'Descender''s great! :D

You are not forced to answer all or even any of the questions! And on the other hand: If someone isn't tagged but who likes to answer...Just say and I'll tag you then.
People I tag (more or less randomly):
:iconspacelorenz: :iconleilaascariz: :iconkikoeart: :iconcharlotte-nikki: :iconysasi: :iconlove--or--death:
True Colour
Daaaaaamn...I'm behind everything. At least most.
I have a lot of old DA stuff to reply and comment on...I didn't forget! At this point I'd like to say thanks for those who give more feedback on my paintover, I didn't reply yet because I wanted to take a look again at the work, but had no chance to work on it the last time.

However, although drawing gets harder in this lovely times of school, it doesn't mean that I'm not doing it anymore! :D
I'm still working on a watercolour work I don't know when. But it's almost finished.
I also did a lot of quick hand and feet studies in the evenings (damn, how strnge does this things actually look like?), and this was a drawing which developed after that.

It's a quicker and rougher work...but it took me longer on how to decide how realistic (not really) I wanted it and which materials I should use. I finally decided on working just with pencils (not with ink). The drawing got much darker over the time, mostly because of the 'slightly' depressing soundtrack which also gave the submission its title:

'True Colour' by (Magnus) Pelander:…

(He is also the singer of 'Witchcraft'...just to add this.…)

Pencil, charcoal and white coloured pencil on toned paper.
Lady Macbeth
Thanks to those who voted in the status update for a picture to study from! :dummy: I didn't expected the picture of Lady Macbeth as winner... 6/8 voted for it (because of the light, I guess), but now I have to disappoint you (maybe): the screenshot was in a BAD. BAD. QUALITY.
I didn't cared about it when I posted it, I realized it later. So, I took the DVD and made an own screenshot. Yeah. I had two much different looking pictures. It was difficult to decide on which picture to take as reference for the painting. I took my then, but my study changed over the time, mostly because of the bad visibility of the face. I know, it is actually not the sense of a study to change it so much. Shame on me ^^; I hope you still like it!

If you are interested, I found the original scene later on YT (though the contrasts seem a bit strange...but maybe it's my screen):…

Plus I was sick for few days...I wanted to finish this earlier, but my body wanted it a different way. :shrug:

However, I wish you a good start into the weekend!
Paint Over - kikoeart's 'Forest Guardian'
Alright, it was the first time I tried my hand on a paint over - a much different but also interesting working process. :D

The original work (upper) was created by :iconkikoeart:kikoeart, who has already painted over two of my works.
You can find the original work here again:…

I'm always amazed by all the details she puts into her works (here especially the figure), and I tried to keep most of them.
What I changed/painted a bit further:
- I thought it would be nice to bring more life into the forest itself, a main part of my working process was to make it greener and working a bit with more light/depth.
- for the figure(s), I actually worked with a darkening/lightening tool most of the time, to keep kikoeart's details but bringing in more volume/separation from the BG. What I changed more was the face to make it more painting-like and more in the style how I painted over the BG.

I think I could have painted a bit further, but my energy left a bit in the end. Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience!
Feel free to check out :iconkikoeart:'s works!

The progress is now uploaded!:…
When Evening Rises (speedpainting)
Well....I'm really tired now, so it's going to be short.
The motive isn't very original, but that wasn't the sense of the work - I just needed to finish something (and began a new work for that XD). That was the first that came to my mind - though it looks like it was inspired by Caspar David Friedrich.

It's too flat in some spaces (in my opinion) and the cape looks strange, I just stopped that I don't spend too much time on it. But it could be I have a short look at it again if it annoys me too much tomorrow (yeah, I'm tired, I can only beef now :D)

COMMISSIONS --> characters, OCs, creatures, scenes, landscapes, fanart...based on mind/wishes, character references or photos, surrealistic or (semi-)realistic

Bullet; Black PRICES:Bullet; Black 

Commission Info (OPEN) by FrerinHagsolb

Bullet; Red DON'Ts:
    Bullet; Red No sex-related content or genitals. I actually don't have a problem with a free top/artistic nudity, but it also depends on the              issue.
    Bullet; Red No harassment-, political-hateful- or racist-related content.
    Bullet; Red Furries/Anthros


Bullet; Orange You can always ask for commissions when it says OPEN! I as artist take my right not to accept specific requests when I don't feel to, but this is something I'll write you then. 

       0) Check if the commissions are OPEN!
       1) Send me a Note with the subject "Commission" with the infos what you would like to have!
       2) I'll write you if I accept the request or not, eventually asking more things before, telling you the price
       3) When the info is clear, I'll send you the rough sketch(es), you'll give your okay or requesting some changes
       4) The payment and further execution
       5) If you wish, I can send you pictures of the work in between - so you can ask for changes
       6) You'll receive a digital version/scan (min.400dpi) as png or jpg

I beg for your patience if I don't reply directly or when the painting needs a bit longer - real life can be hard sometimes...I think I've fainted.

Bullet; Orange The commissions are open for personal use! But it would be great if you give credit when you upload it somewhere!

Bullet; Red Please don't make money with the works (as long as it isn't agreed)!


Bullet; Green LINES: lineart can be digital (with Photoshop) or traditional (with ink pens, 0.1 or 0.3 mm)
Bullet; Green INK DRAWING: ink drawings will be done with ink pens (0.1mm or more) and hatching, by wish with further shading with ink wash or watercolour (simple)
Bullet; Green SHADED/COLOURED (traditional): based on lineart. Those media count into the section:
ink wash Doom from the North by FrerinHagsolb, Melkor by FrerinHagsolb Durin's Bane by FrerinHagsolb

copic markers  
copic ciao People II (Marker Sketches) by FrerinHagsolb, Dalindra and Mohrlex (Art Trade) by FrerinHagsolb

watercolour markers (just limited colours!)  Img 9207-2 by FrerinHagsolb, Img 20181109 0003 by FrerinHagsolb

watercolours  On the Hunt (Hurin, Huor) by FrerinHagsolb
Bullet; Green DIGITAL MONOCHROME: can be based on traditional or digital outlines, but the shading will be done in Photoshop.
Bullet; Green DIGITAL COLOURED: can be based on traditional or digital outlines, but the shading will be done in Photoshop.
Bullet; Green DIGITAL FULL: will be done in Photoshop, monochrome (-25%) or full colour
Bullet; Green WATERCOLOUR FULL: Winsor&Newton watercolours will be used.

Bullet; Purple BUST: head to upper chest
Bullet; Purple HALF BODY: head to knees
Bullet; Purple FULL CHARACTER: well, eh...full body. XD
Bullet; Purple FULL WORK/SCENE: interacting characters/creatures/objects in environments, scenery, ...

Bullet; Yellow The line between full characters and a scene/illustration is sometimes difficult to define. I defined it for me like that:
When a character, creature or object is in a closed connection with its surrounded characters, creatures, objects or environment and defines the work for that as a whole, it can be seen as an illustration.
That means I would define e.g. this as illustration, but at the lower border...but when it isn't clear, we can also agree on a middle price.

For any questions, feel always free to ask!


FrerinHagsolb's Profile Picture
Hey folks,
I'm an 19-year-old girl and I just love to draw and paint, experimenting and trying out different media and techniques! I mostly do traditional art, but also try my hand on digital works. I love Tolkien's World, so you will find illustrations and other stuff in my gallery which is inspired by his stories (and the movie adaptions), but I always do what I want to there can be a lot of other things, inspired by music, landscapes, books, people^^ I'm also working on a graphic novel about solitude, but it's difficult working constantly on it beside school, I hope to spend more time on it in the holidays.
Because I'm not an English native speaker, I'm sorry for any mistakes, I hope you understand it nevertheless.
Concerning school and stuff (and because I'm not the fastest one in drawing), I often need some time to finish things...this could also be because I always work on more than one drawing at the same time XD

And feel free to give feedback...I'm not here to be stuck with my old mistakes! ;)


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