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Over a month later, the 'draw-this-agai-thing' for this year! :la: Well, actually it is more a reuse of the motive - I dont know if it is comparable to the older one. For me it seems like they're quite different...
The older drawing was done with charcoal, the new one with watercolour and a bit white ink for reworking some highlights now.

This is the older version from 2014:

Maybe a bit unnecessary knowledge: The motive started when we visited some friends in the Netherlands. Their living space was quite big and cold (it was autumn), but we were sitting around the chimney. There were many books around and a fur over an armchair. This was actually how the thing began. The parents were talking and I was drawing. (My meaning of being social XD)

I asked a loooong time (it feels like that) ao what picture I should redraw/-paint this year with a poll, and most guys voted for this one. In October, I began the work - which means I worked about 2 months on it. I already wrote once that it is the biggest watercolour work I've done so far - at least the biggest one I've fully done. ("Rising of the Night" is bigger in size, but it was halfly ink and the watercolour was more splashed than painted). Plus I never used so much orange and purple in a traditional work, I guess. :D
Just gathering them on DA a bit. When they'll get too many, I'll sort out the older ones.

Digital (newest-oldest)

Traditional (newest-oldest)

Darkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkdarkdark. The whole painting got a bit darker then I thought about it in the beginning. (It could be I'll edit the lights and darks a bit again in the next days)

However, this is Methrel (beside the nameless guy my only OC that I kinda take care of). I began this painting a bit ago, it actually was supposed to be a speedpaint to let out the pressure from the seminar paper - but it got a break. Now I finally finihed it! The time counter said I needed about 8.5h for it - but because I already cut a bit, it has to be a bit more.

I tried to stream a bit with it, but my internet was terrible. But I also recorded it from the beginning this time! The timelapse will follow on YT tomorrow...
But, what I actually wanred to say: In the chat I wrote that this is his digital debut, which, as I realized later, isn't right. Actually, the character developed when I tried Photoshop for the first time:
So, it is a bit like a 'draw this again'-thing. :D

Furthermore, it could be that this and the next week more digital works will appear on my profile - when the results are 'presentable'. I decided to join a course for digital painting/concept art and began to read a book about digital painting techniques, trying to get more confident/faster with it. So, I don't know if some studies/sketches/whole works will show up, but I'll definitely try to couple the time with some works I already planned times ago (also the linearts from Inktober).We'll see if some things make it here.

Btw, I still have comments and works to look at. Sorry for those who are still waiting for response.
Hey folks, how are you doing?

I'm still working on the commission list, trying to figure out the materials and prices...I think everyone who tried it knows how difficult it is. So I wanted to make a little start to get more experience with the workflow, how much I can do in which time and so on. For this reason I thought "let's start small and just try"!

Bullet; Green Watercolour Portrait/Bust Bullet; Green 

--> Portrait/bust of a character/person (would be stylized with a photo reference) in watercolour (no outlines, potentially a bit white ink for highlights), if wanted plus a light coloured background, as digital version (scan; png)

Price: 5 Euro


Img 20181207 00032 by FrerinHagsolb Img 20181207 00012 by FrerinHagsolb Img 20181207 00022 by FrerinHagsolb

 Bullet; Red Rules/How to ask for a Commission Bullet; Red 

Bullet; Red Have a look if the Journal says "open" or "closed"!
Bullet; Red  If it is "open", you can send me a note (subject: commission), telling what character/person you would like to see, (if existing with a link to a reference(s)).

Bullet; Red  Please keep in mind:
You can ask for a commission. I as artist take my right to say 'no' if I don't feel like I could portray it. I'm still learning! ;)
Maybe in general: I won't paint busts of furries/anthros, simply because I don't have much expereince with painting animal with human characteristics. If you have more alienated creatures, it is a question of the design itself.

And more important: Art takes time, and with school beside I can't name a direct time I'll need for the painting. I hope you understand!

 Bullet; Blue Process and Payment Bullet; Blue 

Bullet; Blue  When I accept the commission, I'll first make a rough, light sketch which I'll send you via note. You can ask for changes if you would like to.

Bullet; Blue  When you give your okay for the sketch, the payment would happen via PAYPAL (I'll send you the link then), and I would start painting.

Bullet; Blue  When the bust is finished, I'll send you a scanned version as png through a

That's it for now! If I forgot something, just ask!

Have a nice day/night/time,
Floris :happybounce:
Dean O'Gorman ('speedpaint'/study)
Finished! (For those who had a short or longer look at the streaming)
Again, the study took longer than I wanted, but it is no 'full' detailed thing. That's why I call it 'speedpaint' - or study. However.
I forgot to record it, I was concentrated on getting the stream going on (which wasn't always easy), but I'll try to do both the next time.
So, I can't say how much time I needed exactly, but it was...about the time I needed for Thorin? That would be about 5h...Not quite sure.

Whatever, my course papers are over this semester - that doesn't mean the stress is completely gone, but it will get a bit better. So I try to catch up on all comments, notes, e-mails, replies....and what else has to be done :D

(short film by my lil' bro...actually made last year, but it is a visualization of one of my fav poems and I'm glad he still uploaded it...)
Streaming again! Going on trying some stuff...
4 deviants said
Spirit of the Damned
Yes, this is a counterpart to 'Spirit of the Moors':
I bought golden gouache a while ago and I wanted to try it. When I sketched in school (I have to survive somehow XD) I got few ideas...and started drawing the same evening.
Not this drawing, actually. I might have messed up what I drew on Friday. :D
So I started new this morning, and in the process, another creature, similar to the woman from the moors, got carved out. I began to work in elements from both drawings (the other spirit and the drawing I might have messed up).

I listened to Kvelertak's album 'Kvelertak' (like I do often when I draw), this is where the feathers/owlish things come from (their symbol is an owl).
Sjøhyenar (Havets Herrer)…

It could be that a drawing with candles and gold will show up in the next days, this would be the one I might have messed up yesterday. I try to fix it somehow....We'll see if it will make it to this place. :D
Would you be interested in something like prints? :plotting:
23 deviants said Yes!
16 deviants said Ahm...Nope.
1 deviant said I know a good website for such stuff! (Could you suggest them in the comments?)


FrerinHagsolb's Profile Picture
Hey folks,
I'm an 19-year-old girl and I just love to draw and paint, experimenting and trying out different media and techniques! I mostly do traditional art, but also try my hand on digital works. I love Tolkien's World, so you will find illustrations and other stuff in my gallery which is inspired by his stories (and the movie adaptions), but I always do what I want to there can be a lot of other things, inspired by music, landscapes, books, people^^ I'm also working on a graphic novel about solitude, but it's difficult working constantly on it beside school, I hope to spend more time on it in the holidays.
Because I'm not an English native speaker, I'm sorry for any mistakes, I hope you understand it nevertheless.
Concerning school and stuff (and because I'm not the fastest one in drawing), I often need some time to finish things...this could also be because I always work on more than one drawing at the same time XD

And feel free to give feedback...I'm not here to be stuck with my old mistakes! ;)


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