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Crappy sketch time!
I'm not at home at the time, sorry for later replies!
For those who are searching a group for fantasy,
sci-fi and fanart - :icontheartmultiverse: TheArtMultiverse is a place for that!
(Please don't forget the rules :D)
Maybe some of you have already watched it....
Dave Grohl made a video about the challenge of learning and playing instruments, motivating to keep going. He did a whole (and very cool) song on his own.
I myself are not very good at playing guitar, but I think what they describe is relateable to so many other issues, too.
Tharic Frostbane and Draenir [CE]
First of two (different) contest entries finished! :dummy:

This is Tharic Frostbane, Knight of Solamnia, and Draenir, his wyvern, for :iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz' Contest! Have a look at it here:…

Although I wanted to join in her contest, I had long time no idea which character to pick.....They're all interesting! :dummy: But when LeilaAscariz asked in my little give away for Tharic, I had a closer look at his profile (he wasn't in my closer choice), I decided he would be the right character for my mood. And come on - he has a DRAGON! Yeah, I spent a long time on this lad, but...nevermind, I love dragons.
Tharic gets a bit lost beside the dragon, here is a little close-up:

Read more about Tharic here:
Or follow Leila's whole story 'Reign of Winter':…

You should definitely have a look at her gallery....She's a wonderful artist! :la: :la: :la:

Little note: Please don't wonder when I update this + colours is always difficult on different displays :faint:

Done in PS CC + later corrections of colours in other programs
Lull The Black Foe (Luthien and Morgoth)
I think I don't have to speak about the heat waves.
I'm actually working on two contest entries (one local and one for LeilaAscariz), but everything seems to go wrong. Just working slowly, no concentration....So I did what I always do when I don't know how to continue: Taking paper and ink and do what comes to my mind. Mostly strange things :D
After some scribbles, it looked like (my old version of) Melkor. I began to work it out, and it became more a little illustration than 'just' a creature. So, here is Lúthien, singing Morgoth and his court to sleep, for helping Beren to get a Silmaril from Morgoth's crown (to complicated to tell the whole story here...or I'm just too lazy ^^;)
Sadly, I wasn't able to read 'Beren and Lúthien' yet, it lays still on my pile. :( But I'm looking forward!
I used ink pens and ink for the piece (black as well as white one), about 3h for inking. Actually, the work is a bit a mixture out of those pieces....and something else. (Luthien) (Durin's Bane)
Beleg's Death
And the third work I did in Iceland! (and last one) :dummy:
As I already wrote, I actually wanted to illustrate different faces of dwarves and elves, but then I felt the desire for something bigger - and came back to 'Chlidren of Húrin' by J.R.R. Tolkien (Haha, didn't expect that, eh? :D), this time the tragic death of Beleg Cúthalion, the intimate of Túrin, murdered by the unknowing friend.
For those who haven't read the book or can't remember, Túrin was captured by orcs, and Beleg, who wanted to free him, tried with Gwindor (an elf he met) to carry the exhausted Túrin away, but when he wanted to cut the bonds on his feet, the blade of Anglachel (the sword) cut Túrin. Túrin, who didn't realized that it was Beleg, thought the orcs would torture him again, took Anglachel and slayed Beleg. In this moment, a lightning shed light on Beleg's face, and Túrin realized whom he actually killed.
The blade of Anglachel turned black and blunt with the death of its master.

Big thanks here to MirachRavaia, who helped me very fast with with citing the scene - I haven't had the book with me, and wasn't quite sure if there was a lightning or not. Stupidly, I already deleted the status update again, otherwise I would have added the citation, too, but I just have the book in German...^^;
But there it sais:

"Beleg zog sein Schwert Anglachel und durchschnitt damit Túrins Fesseln. Doch das Schicksal war an diesem Tag stärker; denn die Klinge von Eol dem Dunkelelb glitt ab und ritzte Túrins Fuß. Da wurde Túrin voll Wut und Angst aus dem Schlaf gerissen, und as er in der Dunkelheit eine Gestalt mit einer blauen Klinge über sich gebeugt sah, sprang er mit einem lauten Schrei auf, im Glauben, die Orks seien wieder da, um ihn zu quälen. Und wie er so im Dunkel mit dem Unbekannten rang, packte er Anglachel und erschlug Beleg Cúthalion, da er ihn für einen Feind hielt.
Doch als er aufstand, bereit, seine Haut teuer an die vermeintlichen Feinde zu verkaufen, und erkannte, dass er frei war, da leuchtete ein heller Blitz über ihnen auf, und in seinem Lichtschein blickte er hinab auf Belegs Gesicht. Da stand Túrin still und stumm wie ein Stein und starrte entsetzt den Toten an und begriff, was er getan hatte." (Die Kinder Húrins)

This was my illustration for Túrin's Death:…

Edit: Seeeks mentioned those lines on Beleg's forehead...It was supposed to be hair, but when I painted it, it got strange. I wanted to let it how it was, because these are things that happen to me more often in traditional working and which I count to the process. But after she sais it looks like 'brain surgery scars', I saw just them last evening :D They began to annoy me, so the painting got another operation this morning. It is still a bit there, and the forehead is lighter now, but this is the result.

What I forgot to write: I used watercolour and white ink for the highlights, the size is about A4.
Spirit of the Moors
And the second part from the works I did in Iceland....
I listened a lot to Sólstafir and Katla. (the new band of the ex-drummer of Sólstafir) while drawing this.
Generally, I listened a lot to these two icelandic bands. Why? Well,

Sólstafir/Katla. + icelandic Landscape = most impressive, atmospheric movie feeling :dummy:

I used an ink pen (0.1mm) and white ink (best thing I bought recently XD) on toned paper

Here are some cool songs:
'calmer' songs --> Miðaftann:…
'harder' songs --> SilfurRefur:…
                             Svartir Sandar:…
                             Ljós í Stormi:…

Heyhey, I'm finally back! :dummy: (As you might have already noticed XD)
Alright, actually I'm melting right now....It is much too hot in Germany, all plants are dying away...:nuu:

But as I wrote, the winners will be announced 26th or 27th...I wrote down the joining people from first to last commenter and asked the Random Number Generator....and it answered......:dummy::dummy::dummy:

Congratulations to the winner and again huge thanks for those who joined! :tighthug:

I'll draw the characters in order of the 'places'!
I'm not quite sure if I'll submit them single or all in one, but of course the artists will get them single :D

I wanted again say Thank You to all of you....The support I got, especially on
Ringwraith (Speedpaint) by FrerinHagsolb
and all the new watchers....this is something I never dared to think about when I started here on DA. I mean....heading for 1000??????? :faint::faint::faint:
Sadly, more support always means less personal messages....which actually was and is very important for me. But especially now after 3 weeks 'off' DA, there were so many notifications I wasn't able to work through anymore - it would need a lot of time, time I stupidly don't have. :faint: But I hope you believe me when I'm saying that I appreciate everything a lot, although I might not reply or thank you for everything single.

:-? (Confused) For this reason, I also wanted to ask if you have any ideas what would be nice for a 1000 watcher special? Shrug Confused Sherlock Holmes

Greetings, Floris :happybounce:
Sketching through Iceland
There...aaaaand back again. About 3.860 km through Iceland in three weeks :la: :happybounce: It was just amazing! (Though the weather wasn't the best)
Beside two 'full' works, I made many sketches again. I actually wanted to paint a 'character collection' like with elves and dwarves with watercolour, but I stopped after two (because I started the bigger illustration, which follows tomorrow or the day after), but after few days I took my ink pen and began to scribble. In general (counting in the two finished watercolour characters and the predrawings) I've drawn about 40 different characters that came to my mind....These are some....(digital collage from different sheets, but always using my 0.1mm ink pen - I love it! :la:)

I'm still working through the deviations...Could take some time.....:faint:

What else happened...Aaah, Erlend Hjelvik (vocal) left Kvelertak :nuu::nuu::nuu: Already did a sketch for a 'tribute' work...I just found out that Kvelertak is my favourite band at the time, it is hard when you suddenly read that the vocalist leaves the band.
Ringwraith (Speedpaint)
First painting on my new pen display! :la: And also the first time I tried to work with blurred layers...the effect is kinda funny :D And I'm quite satisfied with the result. I actually started recording the process, but becaue it was my first time working on the tablet, there was a lot to tinker with...So I stopped recording and there won't be a time lapse on YT. But next time, I guess. But I started b'n'w and added a gradient map after that.
This will be my last work before I'll go on holidays tomorrow, the next will follow in 3 weeks........For all those who haven't seen it yet, I opened a raffle until 20th July:
See you! :la:


FrerinHagsolb's Profile Picture
Hey folks,
I'm an 18-year-old girl and I just love to draw and paint, experimenting and trying out different mediums and techniques! I mostly do traditional art, but also try my hand on digital works. I love Tolkien's World, so you will find illustrations and other stuff in my gallery which is inspired by his stories (and the movie adaptions), but I always do what I want to there can be a lot of other things, inspired by music, landscapes, books, people^^ I'm also working on a graphic novel about solitude, but it's difficult working constantly on it beside school, I hope to spend more time on it in the holidays.
Because I'm not an English native speaker, I'm sorry for any mistakes, I hope you understand it nevertheless.
Concerning school and stuff (and because I'm not the fastest one in drawing), I often need some time to finish things...this could also be because I always work on more than one drawing at the same time XD

And feel free to give feedback...I'm not here to be stuck with my old mistakes! ;)



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