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Earth Day Advert

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Published: March 27, 2008
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I made this while at the Art Institute for a four day work experience training thing. We had to make a poster for a local earth day event and this was the first one I did.
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Bolv3rkHobbyist Photographer
I've feature you in this new: [link]
Hope you check it and take a look =)
Thanks for your attention.
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storyProfessional Photographer

It's my favorite. :3
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hi, it has been featured [link]

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this just made my day!
or rather my earth day, xD!
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This work was featured here :hug:
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A beautiful piece!! I love Earth Day!

How is the Art Institutes? Is it a good facility? What are you going to major in? I've been thinking about going there, so...^^; Any inside opinions?
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Thanks so much!

The facility was good, I am not actually going to school there though. I went to SWEAT which is a week long intensive. It is supposed to give you a taste of what it is like to go there. I studied Graphic Design for the week. It was alright, I was disappointed though. I had a lot of prior knowledge so I didn't really learn anything and in some instances I was more knowledgeable than the instructor. It is quite awkward to teach your teacher, haha.
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You're welcome!

Oh, sorry! Rereading your authors note I realize that now. ^^;

:P Teaching teachers is a tricky buisness...they always get bent out of shape, no matter how you put it, if you know what I mean.

I checked out your gallery briefly; you've got some nice stuff!
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Haha xD it's okay.
Thank you, I love working on the computer. As a kid I was never good at art because I can't draw even a little so it's nice to be able to express myself now even though i'm still relatively new to the technology.
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emiriStudent Digital Artist
yeah, that's frequently the case with the computer stuff.
even at an art specific school (known for illustration), they were like DUR COMPUTARS?
then again, that might have just been all the foundations studies teachers.

also, i love the poster, it looks awesome. it's a bit pixelly, but im assuming thats intentional or not a big issue~
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haha. yeah the teachers they had weren't even teachers at Ai... it was really odd. the one was from another school and the other was just like some random person they found that works at a printing company.

thank you! yeah I think that just happened when I exported. I had to make it a .pdf and then go to .jpg so I think I lost some quality on the way down.
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emiriStudent Digital Artist
yeah, i like .png
i dont know why it's not more universal, it seems to keep the quality best :3
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I'll have to remember that for next time. Thanks for the tip!
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