Xmas Come Early - Liverpool lights/Project Chaos

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"What the funk; you found my DA archive!"

Okay, so if you *really* want to view my artwork, writings, ramblings and all that this is the place for you. Expect a madcap Brit on a rampage!

Wow, time is going on really fast. Ideas are slowly coming on for the self-calendar, and I'll put a poll up with those ideas and you deciding what seems to be the best one to work with.

Either way, I want to report back after a great weekend.

While it mainly felt the usual blandness of it all - playing videogames/working on music/watching TV/doing musical theater rehersals - the big event that managed to happen came on Sunday night. I walked from one of the college campuses and made a walk straight to Liverpool City Center, where right at the front of St George's Hall, a 45 minute long event came to happen - the Christmas lights were to be turned on!

Hosted by Kev Seed, the breakfast show DJ for Radio City 96.7, the event was one that brought together Liverpool's stars of the moment, including Holby City actor Mark Moraghan, The X Factor finalists Raymond Quinn and Eton Road, The Royle Family actor Ricky Tomlinson (of course, posing as his character Jim) and Liverpool FC and Everton FC stars Dirk Kuyt and Andy Johnson. The event was completely packed but I took plenty of photos of the event as it happened - failed to catch the soccer stars though, but it was worth it!

I think this is the first time I came even a remote distance from a celebrity, so I see it as a big event for me. Even though I did get pushed aside every now and again, I will not regret going through it all again. I'll miss Liverpool so much when I graduate.

And of course, as soon as I woke up this morning, I turned on the computer and looked around, and saw another big event that happened - the release of Project Chaos, OverClocked Remix's newest site project. Now why am I pimping out something like this? Because I'm in there, that's why :D

But enough about that. This project holds 20+ different artists from all over the community, remixing various songs from both Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles on the Sega Genesis (or the Mega Drive as we Europeans call it). There's so many great people on there that really did some great stuff - ranging from people I grew to respect for months like GameBoX, Housethegrate, Red Tailed Fox, Daniel Baranowsky and various others as well as coming talent like Hadyn, Hetcenus and The Joker, and we all give thanks to the substantial work as provided by KungFuChicken! and Snappleman for really giving in their all with the finished produce. I advise you all to check it out!

Man, now I feel so damn giddy when I will have my Multimedia class this afternoon. No worries about it - at least it's better than having the typical Monday blues, right?


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