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"What the funk; you found my DA archive!"

Okay, so if you *really* want to view my artwork, writings, ramblings and all that this is the place for you. Expect a madcap Brit on a rampage!

Hah, I can't believe I've left my journals rotting in cobwebs again. I feel stupid having to leave this alone for nearly 18 months.

But anyway, with that thought out of it, I thought I'd come here to promote something that has been in the works for nearly four years - Summoning of Spirits, an arrangement project based on Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia.

I doubt there'd be anyone in my watch being massive Tales fans in general, but seriously, I feel so proud of my stuff on there, probably even moreso than on Project Chaos over 2 years ago. It'd make my day if you go over and check it out :D

53 arrangements from a wide selecton of OCRemix artists (including me with 4 of these), plus a beautiful graphical design and great co-ordination from both KyleJCrb and kureejiilea has seen about a successful completion. Expect a wide range of genres out there to enjoy regardless of your famliarity with the series - rock, electronica, disco, dnb, symphonic, chill, trance, piano solos... you name it, you got it.

I spent the day hearing the whole thing and I can say I was mightily impressed. Naturally I enjoyed the Symphonia side (Derris-Kharlan) more than the Phantasia side (Aselia) but I still found some good stuff in both of these. Outside from my own tracks, I found myself enjoying stuff from other artists like LuiZa, CarboHydroM, Usa ("Desert Nights" rocks!), Nutritious, Sixto Sounds, Christian Pacaud, PriZm ("Holy Judgment" - damn, that was so epic), and the late Reuben Kee among others.

I don't want to single out anyone at all, I think everyone has come together to provide some awesome material and I gotta hand it to the project team for putting it all together and further raising OCR's profile.

So yeah, in short, check out the album. And thank you very much for reading into this thing :D


-THE REXROCK69 CHARTER v1- (or should we say, a few rules as long as you're on my page o.o)

No chain letters! You heard what I mean, no glomping, no "send this to 4 people" malarky and that sort of thing o.o
If you think I put an image in the wrong category, tell me and I'll sort it out within 24 hours. Yes, I am THAT pessimistic with my artwork these days... o.o;
If you want to fave my artwork, back it up with a comment. Yes, faves alone are nice, but that doesn't tell me much in the way of what you like about it.
If you want to comment on my artwork, at least tell me what you like about it. No one-word comments either like "cool" or "nice" - just tell me why it's as it is! That way you'll see growing artists rather than struggling to know where to go next. :P


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Yay for update on your life! :hug:

And double yay, free music sharing! 8D