Phear the Piggies! O_O

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LOG 1 - Most Favorited pics

1.  Group pic- We Are Different... - 17F
2. A Villainous Melee - 9F
3. How to draw Baron Praxis - 7F
4.  XmasGroupPic3 - HStar+Jak Fans - 7F
5.  XmasGroupPic4 - Other Devs X3 - 7F
6.  The Jak II Poke-Bishies - 6F
7.  XmasGroupPic1 - RZ Girlies - 6F
8.  XmasGroupPic2 - CC Tribe - 6F
9.  CC Contest Entry - Auron Cortex - 6F
10.  Take that Goldfist XP - 5F

LOG 2 - Most Downloaded pics

1. How to draw Baron Praxis - 329D
2.  Computer Drawing for Numskulls - 304D
3.  Group pic- We Are Different... - 173D
4.  A Villainous Melee - 108D
5.  Disney-Club Icon Contest Entry - 108D
6.  Rexy's Hall of Mirrors - 105D
7.  Jak II Bishies swimsuits entry - 101D
8.  <a href-"…">XmasGroupPic3 - HStar+Jak Fans - 79D
9.  Clouds of Silver - Team Flare - 70D
10. This can't be Dragon Shores XP - 67D


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holymoocow's avatar
You ish very very popular. :rockon: You go girl! And your piggies too!
Oink! :3
HannahsDefense's avatar
wow all those avatars flogged my computer:giggle: fun though, I see me up there!
Neo-The-Squirrel's avatar
WTF why does this journal keep repeating itself?!
freqrexy's avatar
It only updates when I either get a new record or a new dev-buddy o.o;
caramelevangel's avatar
Suzume-Hime's avatar
Well, it depends on wether or not you like Krew or want to draw him. What you draw is your dicision. And I just have one question: what does it mean when a work of art has been 'downloaded'?
freqrexy's avatar
That's when people view the pic at full size. :)
Besides, the reason why I thought of drawing Krew was because I'm wanting to draw something different. I may curse at him when he's on screen, feel relieved when his "chair" gets blown up, even wondering what in tarnation Naughty Dog were drinking when making the character, but when I see no fanart for various characters in games, that's where I want to dive in deep and attempt myself.
You never know how far you could go. I started the Brutter trend, and got a fave for it =P
Suzume-Hime's avatar
Oh, I see! Thank you! :D And I can understand about the Krew thing. Good luck with it! :D
Neo-The-Squirrel's avatar
Pheer ze warthogs!!!
*warthogs runs over me*
kitarakata's avatar
*screeeeeeeeeech* PIGGEHS! ;-; *runs around like a schoolgirl*
JezzKitty's avatar
I see pigs @___@ Pigs I say! PIGS! :sprint: Hehe ^^
rayoflight's avatar
w00t! Run piggies!!! XD
KumaNoOnna's avatar
do what? I don't get it...
bleydbreaker's avatar
it's the end of the world!!! XD
buraqina's avatar
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