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Vibrava used Heat Wave!
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Published: October 11, 2018
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"The foe Pokémon was burned!"

This is an illustration I did for Game-Art-HQ's Pokémon Generation 3 collaboration - and boy is it busy already with people sweeping in for spots!  Both of their previous projects were great fun to be a part of and so fun to see everyone's interpretations of various moves, so I felt very happy to go in again and see what I can send in for those first seen in the Hoenn region!  If you're interested, there's a journal right here:
Our POKEMON Generation III Tribute (252/270)
03.10.2018 Update:
1 - The first Gallery is online now since a couple of minutes

 252 Treecko using Energy Ball by ThePandamis and Absorb by Viral-Zone
Which you can see here:
We used a similar format like last year but updated the move and of course the artist descriptions. Big thanks goes also to the editor team of freqrexy Hedgey and shinragod for writing the move and Pokemon descriptions!
For more announcements regarding published galleries follow Game-Art-HQ on Twitter.
You can also join our Discord channel here
2 - we are almost done. only 26 more illustrations are needed to complete the Gen III Tribute. Please look at them, the 26 Pokemon are listed below and you are welcome to take 1-3 of them to get this Project finished.
3 - I wanted to del

Entry 12 had me aim for Vibrava.  This is one that you obviously don't use competitively because its evolution Flygon can do everything this stage can do but better, but it's also where you start seeing the payoff from raising a Trapinch.  Before hitting this evolution, all that Trapinch had going for itself was catching other Pokémon with Arena Trap or preventing attack drops in battle with Hyper Cutter, at the trade-off with its low speed.  But now that Vibrava can fly and obtain the Levitate ability, this dry-looking dragonfly thing finally starts picking up some speed and becomes more versatile during those simple play-throughs.  Also it gains a dragon sub-type, so that's always a plus too!

But yeah, one move associated with flying types introduced in Generation 3 is Heat Wave.  It allows the user to send a huge fiery wind into the battlefield for as much damage as Flamethrower but with a little less accuracy, and yet it makes up for that with a 10% chance of burning the target.  Vibrava technically can't start learning it until Generation IV, when the move is more widely available for purchase from Move Tutors.  Its Japanese name roughly translates to 'Hot Wind', which gives me more of an idea of the heat blur you see in a desert; however, I wasn't ready to ruin this with huge amounts of smudging and took it in a different direction.

I used the animé depictions (fireball in mouth) and Volcarona's use of it in Pokémon Generations (burning hot wings) as my main inspirations for how it's played out, and as you can see both variations look really different from one another!  It did however had me approach the light source in a different way, having it come from underneath with the fire rather than the top like I usually do these things.  This one also had a lot of layers partially because of the motion from Vibrava's fast-flapping wings and dealing with huge differences in transparency, and all the layers in place for the fire effects.  I don't really have much else to say other than it turned out alright, and the amusing thing for this page in the tribute is that you'll also see me help with transparency edits on ImmortalTanuki's drawing of the same Pokémon o_O

This image will also be given an Inktober twist as part of my 365 sketch challenge for 2018.  Look out for it in the coming days!

Check out some of my other contributions to the tribute right here:

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Pokémon is a franchise owned by the nice guys at Nintendo.  I drew this!
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The colors are great, amazing atmosphere!!
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Nothings cooler than a fire-breathing Dragon fly! :D
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I like Vibrava's expression, and the shading is really nice too. :)
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