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Unown used Hidden Power!

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"It's not very effective on this Pokémon... has no effect on that... super effective on the one over there... aaagh, make up your dang mind!"

This is an illustration put together for Game-Art-HQ's Pokémon Generation 2 art collaboration.  Following the success behind last year's 20th Anniversary project covering the original 151, the goal for the follow-up is for the artists to illustrate moves performed by the 100 Pokémon initially found in the Johto region!  After inviting new artists during April, it's up to both said artists that joined and the group regulars to finish off the remaining slots!
Pokemon Gen II Tribute Final Journal!
Update, 21th May
Started working on the main gallery today and am also busy with Chikorita, the first of the 2nd Gen Pokemon right now :-)
Around 30 Pokemon are still left and you are very welcome to take one or two of them, the shedule for this project will most likely 1-2 galleries per week until November. All remaining galleries will be published in November and December, the main gallery will be published on Christmas just like last year.
I am going to sent you a personal note when the gallery with one of your submissions is online, this time I will also ask you a few questions about the Pokemon of your choice or the Pokemon Gen II games ^^
If you can help me with the description for the Pokemon or the Moves, please comment, we can use a lot of help for the 100 galleries!
Happy Sunday!
Heya everyone, its May and this means that all remaining Pokemon from March and April can be catched right now!
Lets go back to the old rules from last

Generation 2 could have some crazy unique creatures for their time, but for my second entry into the tribute, I wanted to approach a species that is crazy unique in a huge amount of ways.  Unown is not really much of a looker in the competitive field, or even part of a story team, but they are noted for their huge amount of forms all based on different letters of the alphabet.  People seldom catch them to raise them, but to be more of a completionist in getting every form available.

Even then, the odds of two Unown being exactly the same are very slim - the only move it can learn is Hidden Power, a move that varies in both attack power and typing.  Later generations have a specific NPC that would also go over your Pokémon and mention what type of Hidden Power they would learn - one of them would do HP Water, another HP Fire, another at HP Ghost... heck, it's used a fair amount in the competitive scene depending on what Pokémon gets used and what would be their most common threats.

So that means 26 Unown forms, 16 typing variations (17 from Generation 6 onwards) and - in the GBC versions of Gold / Silver / Crystal - 40 different possibilities on the attack's strength.  This is easily a tall order!

For this image, I felt it would be best if I draw a variety of Unown demonstrating some of these attack type variations and how they could channel it, some in sillier ways than others.  The way IVs work in Generation 2 is that it generates both the type of Hidden Power as well as the Unown's form, so after working out the formulas, I assigned the chosen creatures with mostly attack types that they would be able to use in the GBC games.  There are two creative licenses in here though:
- The G Unown can't learn Hidden Power Dragon, but since both of Kingdra's slots got taken and it'll be a long while before I illustrate one of those, I simply palette swapped the original intended HP Fire for that purpose.
- In the GBC games, only I and V Unown can be shiny - a rare color variant introduced from Generation 2 onwards -  but I wanted to do that on one of the A Unown to make it stand out from the other.

Even though they are barely pose-able other than handling perspective, drawing a few on one image was a bigger task than I was expecting - and even crazier when it came to being more precise with the cel shading components due to their geometry - but it was worth it to get that smooth block shadow finish.  My mathematical mind had so much fun working out the IVs, figuring out what types would work on which creature, and eventually working out how each one could adapt around the Unown's shape.  Probably my favorite one was giving the devil horns and fangs to the M Unown to show a menacing side for Hidden Power Dark, which influenced a decision to make the image feel more comedic in tone as a whole.  With a lot of the movement involved, you can also see I really abused motion blur effects to show that desired traction, though I was careful enough to smudge out any motion-blurred eye whites and still make it feel as if it's heading up or down.

Either way, I enjoyed doing this and I hope others would also get a great smile after seeing these!  I wonder what my third entry would bring to the table though... hahahaha.

I already drew Miltank for this tribute, so feel free to see that if you hadn't already:
Miltank used Milk Drink! by freqrexy

Pokémon is a franchise owned by the nice guys at Nintendo.  I drew this!
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TheHoodedWolf22Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wait, G Unown can't be dragon? Does this mean there are more likely types for each letter? I'm trying to get one with it's hidden power being psychic.
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I got you sorted - I'm a bit of a math buff :)

You'll want Hidden Power Psychic first, so here's the formula for the move:

HPtype=4*(ATK mod 4)+(DEF mod 4)

The value for Hidden Power Psychic is 12.  This means from the IVs the Attack must have a remainder of 3 when divided by 4 (can be 3, 7, 11 or 15).  The defence must divide into 4 exactly (0, 4, 8, 12).

Unown's letter is also decided by its IVs in Generation II.  When the attack and defence stats are converted to binary, they are as follows:

Attack: 0011 / 0111 / 1011 / 1111
Defence: 0000 / 0100 / 1000 / 1100

In Generation II, Unown's letter is determined by the middle bits of each of its Attack, Defence, Speed and the average of its Special stats - and in that order.  The attack can either be 01 or 11 in this case, while the defence can be 00 or 10.  The maximum number you can get out of the bits is 255, making it easy to divide into 10 and get a number that corresponds to the Unown letter.

The unique combinations you can get are:

01|00|??|?? (64-79)
01|10|??|?? (96-111)
11|00|??|?? (192-207)
11|10|??|?? (224-239)

The letter is decided by dividing that figure by 10 and discarding the remainder.  By dividing these, the integer can be either 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 19, 20, 22 or 23.  If Unown A's integer value is 0, then that means you'll be looking for Unown letters E, F, H, I, J, R, S, U or V.

As I detailed in the picture, letters have a few different combinations of Hidden Power between them.  So you'll still need to catch a few before you find your one with Hidden Power Psychic and that sweet STAB that goes with it :)
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Tkdboy2000Hobbyist General Artist
Is that supposed to mean anything?
Otherwise, nice work.
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Yes, that is Game-Art-HQ, the community behind the project ;)
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This looks awesome! The effects all look really cool :)
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I really like your artwork, though I'm broke af right now ;-; lol
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No worries, the commission doors will be open for a while x)
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MowMow789Hobbyist General Artist
This looks really cool! Very high quality too, keep up the good work! :happybounce: 
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Haha, I do try for quality x) Thank you so much!
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