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Snubbull used Sleep Talk!

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"Snubbull used Tackle!
Snubbull's attack missed!

This is an illustration put together for Game-Art-HQ's Pokémon Generation 2 art collaboration.  Following the success behind last year's 20th Anniversary project covering the original 151, the goal for the follow-up is for the artists to illustrate moves performed by the 100 Pokémon initially found in the Johto region!  After inviting new artists during April, it's up to both said artists that joined and the group regulars to finish off the remaining slots!
Pokemon Gen II Tribute (0 left currently)
Update 23.07
Only Smoochum is left now!
The current status of the Gen II Project is that around 15 illustrations are still in the works, around 10 of the 100 galleries are completely done and I am working right now on the very time consuming part of creating the little thumb images for the main gallery..which looks really awesome and is a big step above our  1st Gen gallery. You will love it :-)
ps: Hedgey and shinragod are helping with the galleries but we can use more help for the description and editing part as well, if you ever wanted to learn how writing website articles work or you want to learn a bit about wordpress based websites, you can help + learn a bit
ps2: Smoochum is taken now as well! :-)
30 Slots are left now and just like last year I am losing the rules regarding the Pokemon number per artists :-P
Everyone who wants is welcome to take one or more of the remaining ones!

Contribution 4 is a bit of an oddball, as I wasn't really a fan of using the Snubbull line ahead of more superior Normal types - but as it has new life as a Fairy type from Generation 6 onwards, it's now likely to serve more of an use *against* the fighting types that pummeled it before.  I also remember this one outside of battle for a very silly reason - the trainers that challenge you from Generation 2 onward actually have *names*, and there is a Pokéfan in the Goldenrod National Park that has the same name as me and fights her opponents with a Snubbull of her own.  So I consider this one a fun attempt to draw my first Fairy type!

As for the move, Sleep Talk actually has more use if the Pokémon also knows Rest and has a huge amount of bulk to hold back the opponent.  It can only ever be used if the Pokémon has the Sleep status and would draw a random move out of the other 3 moves it knows.  It had an interesting allocation over time - for every Generation except 3 and 5 it can be taught to any Pokémon that could use TMs, and can also be learnt by leveling up, breeding or by move tutor from Generation 3 onwards.  It's a flexible and common, but it's also unpredictable and crazy to see what would happen!

This is an illustration that didn't require too much post-effects due to the sheer nature of the attack, so a lot of the thought went to working on the pose-work and seeing what a sleep-walking Snubbull would be like.  I wanted the head and limbs to just hang loose and make it feel more ragdoll-like in its posture.  If you've seen what happened to Wallace in the second half of The Wrong Trousers, that's pretty much the kind of motion and back arch I'm trying to go for here - a way to make it feel as if it's doing things while its mind is temporarily not its own!

That was amazingly pretty fun!  The only way I'd see myself do another illustration at this point is if someone doesn't come through, but hey, I've filled in before, so let's see what happens.  I'm hyped to see the finished gallery!

Here's my previous few submissions for the project:

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Pokémon is a franchise owned by the nice guys at Nintendo.  I drew this!
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