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Is there a character that you love that isn't getting any attention?
Do you have any original creations that you can't seem to get down the way you want?
Or maybe you just like my art and would like to give me some money for it?

Then you are in the right place - I'm in the market for commissions!  All information is on the image as stated, with full pricing and other specifics.

Outside of the image, I will bring in some other notes right here:

- First two tiers are drawn digitally.  Copic art is self-explanatory.
- If your original / fan character doesn't have any references, please provide a detailed explanation so I can interpret it to the best I can.
- Self-inserts are fine as well, but again please provide either a written reference and / or screen-grabs of your Mii / XBox Avatar / anything similar along those lines.  (I won't dare ask for your personal photos unless you absolutely want to share them!)
- I am very flexible when it comes to what kind of official characters you want me to draw!  Videogames are my specialty, though I'll be also happy doing comics, movies, TV etc.
- If you order a sketch / lineart piece, you're free to color it yourself and upload it on your own page, but please keep the signature, as well as credit back to my DeviantArt page.
- If you order a sketch / lineart piece and later want it colored, I will color for the difference in price for the colored picture.
- If you don't have a Deviantart account, you can still send a PM on Twitter or email me at bevDOTwooffATgmailDOTcom.  Make sure to replace the caps with the appropriate punctuation.
- All art will be posted right here on my DeviantArt profile unless requested not to.  I will then share you the image privately via Dropbox if that would be the case.
- I am a steady artist and want to make sure I can get the best out of the commission.  If 3 months have passed since payment and you are still uncomfortable with waiting, you will receive a full refund.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comments.  Otherwise, thank you for looking and showing interest! :)
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