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Registeel used Superpower!
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Published: September 19, 2018
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"Registeel's attack fell!
Registeel's defense fell!"

This is an illustration I did for Game-Art-HQ's Pokémon Generation 3 collaboration - and boy is it busy already with people sweeping in for spots!  Both of their previous projects were great fun to be a part of and so fun to see everyone's interpretations of various moves, so I felt very happy to go in again and see what I can send in for those first seen in the Hoenn region!  If you're interested, there's a journal right here:
Our POKEMON Generation III Tribute (239/270)
Like announced, we start our Pokemon Generation III earlier than the previous 2 and you can claim your first pick right now!
The rules are for the most part the same as last year.

We illustrate the Pokemon without a background and use the .png format for them, so we have a transparent bg. The main theme is also to illustrate each Pokemon while it is performing one of its attacks, moves, abilities. Similar as in the 3 examples from last year.
The moves don't have to be from Generation III but since we are tributing Gen III, it would be awesome if you can pick a Gen III move or ability.
Here is a list of all Gen III Moves:
Every artist can pick up to four Pokemon but only one at a time.
We got the previous two Art Collaborations done before Christmas and I hope we will be able to publish the Gen III Tribute again at Xmas.
If you pick a Pokemon today

This is the first time that I've gotten to illustrate a Legendary - though, Hoenn's titan trio (or the "Regis" as they're nicknamed) is pretty easily forgotten in comparison to all the other Legendaries that were released.  In fact, in the meta-game, pretty much all 3 of them would struggle against fighting types, so you need to think carefully if you want to put any of them on your team.  But I ended up opting to sketch Registeel because I had been fresh out of the gauntlet of trying to win raids and catch one in Pokémon Go at the time, and the one thing it has over the rest of the titan trio is that it's got lots and lots of resistances thanks to it being a pure Steel type.  Been a couple of generations since I drew one of those too x)

When encountering the titans in battle, one of the moves they have on hand is Superpower, at the time a signature move to them.  It is a powerful fighting-type move that dishes out a lot of damage, but at a cost of lowering its attack and defense.  Bear in mind when facing one in battle during Ruby and Sapphire, it also has Ancient Power which can potentially reset its effects and additionally boost every other stat, making it a little difficult to bring down the health for special-based move users.

I decided to take the image in a bit more of a comedic direction, donning Registeel with a superhero-like cape and a buckle that has the letter 'R' in braille, a reference to the puzzles you do to gain access to the titan battles.  The shading also went in a different way too, letting me go through my notes on metal shading when I did Magnemite for Generation I and approaching more of a reflected surface look, all while keeping the intended blue glow from how it's represented in the animé.  The way I sketched it out made me realize the only coherent way to shade decently was to bring the light source from behind it for some reason - and that's a good thing, because that's something I rarely tend to do anyway.  I like these little twists that pop up! =P  All in all, 10/10, would do steel types again.

You can see the sketch version as an entry in my 365 sketch challenge for 2018 from a few weeks back as well.

Check out some of my other contributions to the tribute right here:

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Pokémon is a franchise owned by the nice guys at Nintendo.  I drew this!
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