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Numel used Howl!
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Published: August 30, 2018
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Rexy's Commission Information by freqrexy


"Numel's attack rose!"

This is an illustration I did for Game-Art-HQ's Pokémon Generation 3 collaboration - and boy is it busy already with people sweeping in for spots!  Both of their previous projects were great fun to be a part of and so fun to see everyone's interpretations of various moves, so I felt very happy to go in again and see what I can send in for those first seen in the Hoenn region!  If you're interested, there's a journal right here:
Our POKEMON Generation III Tribute (234/270)
Like announced, we start our Pokemon Generation III earlier than the previous 2 and you can claim your first pick right now!
The rules are for the most part the same as last year.

We illustrate the Pokemon without a background and use the .png format for them, so we have a transparent bg. The main theme is also to illustrate each Pokemon while it is performing one of its attacks, moves, abilities. Similar as in the 3 examples from last year.
The moves don't have to be from Generation III but since we are tributing Gen III, it would be awesome if you can pick a Gen III move or ability.
Here is a list of all Gen III Moves:
Every artist can pick up to four Pokemon but only one at a time.
We got the previous two Art Collaborations done before Christmas and I hope we will be able to publish the Gen III Tribute again at Xmas.
If you pick a Pokemon today

Interestingly there weren't many new fire types in Gen III, and that is unfortunately a trend that continues over to Generation IV.  It's a shame, because with all the steel types emerging, they're really worth burning down!  Anyway, Numel is among the few fire types that were introduced in Gen III and is actually fantastic to use in Little Cup conditions, with Oblivious letting it bypass Taunt and set up many Stealth Rocks on the field; and Simple letting it build up its stats really quickly before demolishing everything in its sight!  With Fire being a special type and Ground being physical in Gen III, you could only really let it benefit one typing or the other, but you're still in for a fun time with setting one up no matter how you go about it.

Howl is one of those status moves that can actually work really well if made into a physical sweeper!  With the Simple ability, which allows it to double all temporary stat stage growths in battle, howling 3 times will max out its physical attack very quickly and let loose any lethal Earthquakes it's got in its tank.  Numel can acquire it as an egg move from any other Pokémon that can learn it naturally, but whether you choose that to boost physical attacks or breed for Growth starting from Generation VI is up to you.

This was another one of those pictures where I immediately looked to my brother's dog for pose inspiration, remembering she has a silly way of barking.  Naturally, pugs are more restricted in movement and I wanted to catch that on Numel's short and stubby limbs, though at least its neck is flexible enough to aim in an appropriate position.  Obviously the whole "powered up attack flare" thing was hugely inspired by Dragon Ball Z and the flares often seen around Super Saiyans.  Which reminds me... what does the scouter say about its power level? =P

You can see the sketch version as an entry in my 365 sketch challenge for 2018 from a few weeks back as well.

Check out some of my other contributions to the tribute right here:

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Pokémon is a franchise owned by the nice guys at Nintendo.  I drew this!
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Save the starters; Blaziken and Infernape. I had to rely on other competent Pokemon in Gen IV that had good type coverage with Fire moves. E.g. Togekiss (with Serene Grace) and the Lake Legendary Azelf.~

Lovely work drawing Numel, Bev!~ ^^
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Heh yeah, good thing I had Platinum where they expanded the Dex a little bit so I could have a Houndoom in my noot-nootin’ Piplup team x) Diamond and Pearl didn’t think them through!
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Ironically, that's the version I play the most! X)
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