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Night of the Newly Dead 2018

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Published: November 1, 2018
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Well, it's Halloween and I managed to keep to something that was fun to do back in 2009 and saw interesting demand to see the concept get revisited.  In Halloween of that year, I did a picture with all 8 of my 'Gem Holder' OCs - all of them being crossed over from different franchises - as famous people that had died within the previous 12 months.

WEEN 09 - NightOfTheNewlyDead by freqrexy

This year, I decided to tackle the concept again with 8 more costumes, this time relating to people that passed away this year - some more obvious than others, and one or two being closer to my gut feelings.

I had sketched all 8 of them individually as part of my 365 sketch challenge for 2018, but lineart and colors were a different story.  Because Inktober took up so much of my challenge time this month, I didn't really have much time to shade any of them, so everyone here is in flats; the only gradients you see is with a couple of characters having their hair dyed.  If I do it again next year, I'll start sketching near the beginning of September and see how it goes.

Mace - Stefán Karl Stefánsson as Robbie Rotten
Having originally conceded Mace as a smug character with barely any disregard for peril, it made sense to put him in the shoes of a Lazy Town character whose smug vocal song of "We Are Number One" quickly became an Internet meme.  Though, the pose I came for him kinda made him appear as cocky as your average bad Sonic OC even though he's clearly a lombax... xD

Wedge - Stephen Hawking
If anyone's gonna cosplay as one of the greatest minds in theoretical physics, it would have to be Wedge Cooper.  Borrowing Bentley's wheelchair for the occasion, he no doubt would feel right at home, being a book-savvy kid dressing up as a guy who wrote many - and without question being in awe of speech loss not blocking the way!

Karen - John Cunliffe
Just like last time we have a British pop culture reference, this time with Karen cosplaying the creator of Postman Pat, one of my favorite shows when I was a pre-schooler!  And yet, I recognize his face more for when he not only created Rosie and Jim, but also appeared on the show itself as the Ragdoll's boatman - hence the choice of clothes with the hat, waterproof jacket and the like.  I also can't help but fit in a cute little Pat plush as well to mark the more famous of his two creations :)

Spike - Avicii
Once again I'd end up drawing Spike as a deceased musician, this time the Swedish DJ Avicii who left this world way too early.  I stuck close to the attire he normally wore, but even sneaked in the old-school triangle logo for his earlier releases onto the shirt - plus the backwards cap was a cool, brief nod on the old default hat Spike used to wear before I moved him to a more appropriate-for-steampunk bandana.

Hikaru - Aretha Franklin
Hikaru may not have sung about her problems, but Aretha Franklin did and had the grace and power to be nicknamed the "Queen of Soul".  I did feel relieved that she wore a lot of simple dresses in the 60s, but finding one that would also fit well on Hikaru's frame was something else entirely - and I felt I caught the feels right there and then x)

Yoko - Professor Samuel Oak (Seiyuu: Unsho Ishizuka)
Ishizuka-san voiced a fair share of characters in the Pokémon anime, with some of his monster voices also getting re-used in the English dub as well - I'm looking at you, Brock's Onix...!  Anyway, our lady of 90s pop culture felt more than comfortable dressing as the professor who'd lead trainers on their quest to be a Pokémon master - but if only if her friends back at Mobius were sane enough to heed her advice!

Boni - Margot Kidder as Lois Lane
Always expect Boni to dress up as pretty ladies - and in the Superman universe, Lois Lane was the man of steel's love interest, so she had to show she could look great in her work getup!  I also actually re-re-changed the concept for Boni - I know I wanted her to be a centaur to match the whole Fantasia theme, but I've come to realize fauns are easier to draw ;_;

Ugolin - R. Lee Ermey as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman
The foul-mouthed sergeant had to go to someone with an originally-billed antagonist role, fitting well with the angry face of Ugolin.  Not much else I can say here other than that I had to simplify the badges a bit to make sure this would at least look decent, and I wonder which of the other seven he's dubbing as "private Snowball"...!

And there we go.  Back in 2009 I was upset that so many high profile faces passed away, as did others.  But it looks like thanks to the growing world population, this trend is here today and it's really cruel.  For all that died in the past 12 months, rest well :(

(This is a picture by me and my own characters drawn out. Don't claim the image as your own.)
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I'd make the argument 2018 was like 2016 in terms of losing many celebrities...

Regardless, this is a thoughtful tribute image you posted.~