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N-Pop Idol Collab: Wendy-Metal
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Published: June 1, 2018
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Rexy's Commission Information by freqrexy

This image was done for thenintendogirlsclub's N-Pop Idol project, which allowed participants to draw female Nintendo characters as Asian pop idols.  I was actually very late to sign up, but I got to give thanks to fellow Game-Art-HQ member DJ-Mika for encouraging me to go for it - and why not, their Fire Emblem tribute last year was fun to help out on!

Either way, participants can pick whoever they want and design them an idol look while following further instructions on their journal:
N-Pop Idol Collab! (Due today?)UPDATE: While we need all the entries to be finished, you may want to check out my following journal ahead of time: N-Pop Collab Phase 2: The Concert. Meanwhile, MegaMikoyEX7 or HayateHayashi94, from our affiliate iDOLS-Forever, might help us out by creating that concert stage background that can hold up to 200 entries.
It's our first collaboration of 2018, everyone! Initially, we were planning to do a Zelda collab after the Halloween one, but I've decided to go with something possibly more exciting and creative, one that still allows characters from the said franchise. In this collab, we will be having Nintendo girls portrayed as Japanese pop idols, so get ready for some cute, saccharine fun. If anyone has seen idol anime and media such as The Idolmaster 

I felt my illustration style would come out at its strongest if I drew a non-human character that's typically seen as cute, hence I went down the Mario path and focused on a design for one of the koopalings, Wendy O. Koopa.  Having seen that she had a punk rocker namesake, it made a lot of sense to give her an outfit that fits more in line with the kawaii metal subgenre, with artists like Babymetal and Dollsboxx having wardrobes that helped inspire the outfit I put together.

So what I did was kept close to Wendy's color scheme for her original clothing items and shell, extended on the polka-dot idea she initially had in her hair ribbon, and basically turned her into a gritty edge-lady ready to scream about cotton candy at the top of her lungs.  There's not too many details in comparison to the Fire Emblem characters I drew for them as this was more of a case of drawing clothes from scratch rather than going with what's ready-made, and even then I wanted to keep the design to be quintessentially Mario and staying true to what she is and where she came from.  Talking of which, I also couldn't help but add in a couple of accessories relating to Bowser in her outfit as well - she needs to make that Koopa king proud on stage for sure! :)

The sketch version of this image was uploaded on my Tumblr page last night, so if you want to see that among all my other sketches over the course of this year, do go check it out.  Additionally, one of the April sketches has been turned into a colored image thanks to my Patreon following and I will go on to upload it tomorrow, so keep your eyes sharp!

Super Mario is a franchise owned by Nintendo, but if you didn't know that before, just get to the hospital and get yourself checked out.  Anyway, I drew the picture!
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GemstrikeHobbyist General Artist
She looks so wicked.
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DJ-MikaStudent Digital Artist
Aaaaaah, you joined the collab! 8D
Good on you for putting something together so quick! :D

Haha I love what you've done with Wendy! I never knew there were "kawaii" metal bands that combined metal with idols; it's a pretty interesting spin on idols and I love that for her! :D
Really liking the outfit here, I can definitely see the inspiration from the kawaii metal bands you researched; it's just the right combo of the typical cutsey nature of idols with the pinks, polka dots, and ribbons and the more I guess "hard core" nature of metal with the black and red color combinations and her spiked armband accessory 0w0/
I also really like the various Bowser references in her outfit; the 8-bit Bowser is my favorite! >w< :heart:
Hahaha Definitely gotta represent the Koopa Clan on stage and let everyone know who's stealing the show! XDD

Awesome job with her overall! I'm glad I was able to encourage you to join as you did a wonderful job with your entry! :hug::heart:
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ninpeachloverHobbyist Digital Artist
This outfit fits so well on her
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