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Magby used Cross Chop!

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"A critical hit!"

This is an illustration put together for Game-Art-HQ's Pokémon Generation 2 art collaboration.  Following the success behind last year's 20th Anniversary project covering the original 151, the goal for the follow-up is for the artists to illustrate moves performed by the 100 Pokémon initially found in the Johto region!  After inviting new artists during April, it's up to both said artists that joined and the group regulars to finish off the remaining slots!
Pokemon Gen II Tribute (10 left!)
30 Slots are left now and just like last year I am losing the rules regarding the Pokemon number per artists :-P
Everyone who wants is welcome to take one or more of the remaining ones!
Update, 21th May
Started working on the main gallery today and am also busy with Chikorita, the first of the 2nd Gen Pokemon right now :-)
Around 30 Pokemon are still left and you are very welcome to take one or two of them, the shedule for this project will most likely 1-2 galleries per week until November. All remaining galleries will be published in November and December, the main gallery will be published on Christmas just like last year.
I am going to sent you a personal note when the gallery with one of your submissions is online, this time I will also ask you a few questions about the Pokemon of your choice or the Pokemon Gen II games ^^
If you can help me with the description for the Pokemon or the Moves, please comment, we can u

My third contribution combines so many different new ideas from the Johto games onwards, so this is going to be one heck of a ramble!

First of all, Generation 2 introduced Pokémon breeding - there's a day care not too far from Goldenrod City where you can let the caretakers look after no more than 2 Pokémon at a time.  If they're both separate genders (Male and Female, or any gender breeding with a Ditto) and in the same Egg Group, they would eventually produce an egg that you can carry around and incubate it as you walk.  It would ultimately hatch into the species of its mother or non-Ditto parent and carry over any compatible moves known by the father - hence, Cross Chop, a move that can only be learnt by Magby if its father is a member of the Machop line that knows it, and only in Pokémon Crystal no less!

Breeding also brought about the idea of baby Pokémon - smaller, child-like creatures that are way too inexperienced in battle to breed but do carry a new-found cuteness appeal to it.  Most of them introduced are smaller forms of Pokémon already existing in Generation 1, and Magmar was one of them - for a Magby egg to appear, its mother or non-Ditto parent has to be a Magmar, and it will evolve into its stage itself once it reaches level 30.  It's cute to use for Pokédex completion purposes, even though you can still find their evolved forms at the Burnt Tower basement pretty early on, or in Crystal's case, hope the Odd Egg you receive in the game hatches into one otherwise it's off to Mt. Silver in the post game.

And then there's the move itself - Cross Chop is part of a new classification of move starting from Generation 2 that have moves with a higher-than-normal critical hit ratio.  Combined with a Dire Hit, it would give it a 1 in 3 chance of its attack of its already-impressive base power of 100 getting doubled - and 1 in 4 without it.  Moves like that are really useful to get the upper hand and rely more on luck to get past some of the tougher opponents!

As for how I drew Magby illustrating it, it's obvious I wanted to have it do the Cross Chop in a 3/4 aerial assault -  a huge contrast to how Machoke was illustrated with the same move in the Gen 1 tribute with its side view perspective.  Getting the fuzzy, cute details down on it at that kind of angle was tough, as most of the appeal would come from the springy spherical hair on the top of its head - but once I managed to nail the proportions and the overall position of its stubby arms, I knew that going for a very serious looking baby was a great way to go forward.  One should never mess with any creature, big or small!

So that's my third entry set - and I still have ideas on how to approach some of the remaining slots.  But let's do one at a time and see what happens as the Summer months come in!

Here's my previous two submissions for the project:

Miltank used Milk Drink! by freqrexy Unown used Hidden Power! by freqrexy

Pokémon is a franchise owned by the nice guys at Nintendo.  I drew this!
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