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Lileep used Stockpile!
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Published: October 4, 2018
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"Lileep stockpiled 3!"

This is an illustration I did for Game-Art-HQ's Pokémon Generation 3 collaboration - and boy is it busy already with people sweeping in for spots!  Both of their previous projects were great fun to be a part of and so fun to see everyone's interpretations of various moves, so I felt very happy to go in again and see what I can send in for those first seen in the Hoenn region!  If you're interested, there's a journal right here:
Our POKEMON Generation III Tribute (247/270)
03.10.2018 Update:
1 - The first Gallery is online now since a couple of minutes

 252 Treecko using Energy Ball by ThePandamis and Absorb by Viral-Zone
Which you can see here:
We used a similar format like last year but updated the move and of course the artist descriptions. Big thanks goes also to the editor team of freqrexy Hedgey and shinragod for writing the move and Pokemon descriptions!
For more announcements regarding published galleries follow Game-Art-HQ on Twitter.
You can also join our Discord channel here
2 - we are almost done. only 26 more illustrations are needed to complete the Gen III Tribute. Please look at them, the 26 Pokemon are listed below and you are welcome to take 1-3 of them to get this Project finished.
3 - I wanted to del

This is my eleventh entry and my first attempt at a fossil Pokémon, going for the ancient sea anemone that is Lileep.  This Pokémon and its more defensive build can be found in the Mirage Desert as the Root Fossil, and with it being a rock / grass combo with access to many different attack checks and status moves like Stealth Rock and Recover, it's actually very useful to have under Little Cup conditions regardless of its base speed.

Among those defensive move options is Stockpile, clearly one of the most annoying moves my opponents in the Battle Chateau had in Generation VI.  They'd use it to boost both their defense and special defense by two stages each with 3 uses at the maximum, then they'd use the stockpiled power to either attack with a Normal-type move that has more base power than Explosion when this power is maxed out (Spit Up) or heal the Pokémon based on the amount of power stored up (Swallow).  Unfortunately, no random I ran into in the Battle Chateau had either of those two moves, leaving it to become a wall that would be too hard to take down!

Now, for the most part, I can imagine Stockpile being pulled off by a Pokémon with a huge mouth like Pelipper or Swalot.  But Lileep's way of eating actually has it use its tentacles to pull food into the hollow shell inside its body, hence I ended up taking the posture in a different direction.  Using Kirbyas a source of inspiration, I deliberately wanted to make the hollow around 3 times its normal size and played around with a perspective blur - yes, Procreate has that option now! - to give the idea of it sucking up air to boost its bulk.  Those tentacles would also half try to contain the air inside, half leave room for more, and so it was really experimental to go with a more plant-based anatomy to create this result!

This image will also be given an Inktober twist as part of my 365 sketch challenge for 2018.  Look out for it in the coming days!

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Pokémon is a franchise owned by the nice guys at Nintendo.  I drew this!
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