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June 2018 Patron's Choice - Pingu by freqrexy June 2018 Patron's Choice - Pingu by freqrexy
Do you like my artwork?  I'm taking commissions starting at $3 - all details are right here!  Alternatively, you can get commissions for cheaper if you join my Patreon!

Rexy's Commission Information by freqrexy


Near the start of the year, I opened up a Patreon as a means to create cool content for people that pledge for it.  I still have a small number of patrons at the moment, but the contributions meant a lot and I made sure to get them involved in every reward in their respective tier.  One that I had out for those that pledge $1 (the Wumpa Fruit tier) would be to get together and pick which of my daily sketches I should turn into a fully-colored image.  This is the result of those Patron responses!

Original sketch: Click!
Day 144 - Pingu
Sketched on May 24th 2018

This sketch of a very familiar European-kids-TV-character-turned-Internet-meme was sketched to mark the death of Antonio "Tony Wolf" Lupatelli, who illustrated many books based on said franchise during the 1990s.  Pingu and his family life was done with some well-crafted claymation and creative thought on giving it appeal to many countries thanks to the show's fictional penguin language - with his trademark "noot noot" call being molded like a megaphone as seen here.  I also kept with the simplicity of the source's style and even grabbed a similar font to its logo for the text here... ;)

The current patrons will also decide on the July 2018 sketch and you could also decide on August 2018 and future months if you join the Patreon page!  Check it out, see what I have to offer and go nuts x)

Pingu is a franchise with rights currently owned by The Pygos Group. I drew this!
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SafeGaming89 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2018  Hobbyist
A bunch if memories pouring into this pic of Pingu you drew. ;w;
Lovely work once again, Rexy.~
Emmykuna Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2018
This turned out really well! 
Candiequestria Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Nikkigamer Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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June 30, 2018
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