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Hi! Thank you for being interested in my work, for the moment the commissions are open only for five slots since there's a reserved commission. 
If someone still interested with my commission when the commissions slot is full you can apply for Waiting List and I will notify you via private message if there are slots open.
Send me notes me via DeviantArt or DM me via Discord (preferable). Join the server to get a special role as Commissioner!

Commission Info

Discord Server

Commissions Slot  :
  1. <reserved>BITE ME UNIVERSE 
  2. <reserved>ELODIE
  1. Dabaer805 (PAID)
  2. Gustav (PAID)
  3. OmegaCat (PAID)
  4. Oak
  5. solidbatman1 (PAID)
Waiting List  :
  1. CornwallisThe3rd
  2. SariaHeart
  3. fatalweirdo
  4. kosmic_k
  5. Boonster
  6. Serifene


All Full Colored

  • Chibi  : $50
  • Headshot  : $30
  • Half Body  : $60
  • Full Body  : $80



  • Headshot  : $20
  • Half Body  : $40
  • Full Body  : $60


  • Basic (one color, gradient, transparent) : Free
  • Simple (depends on complexity) : $10-$30
  • Advanced (depends on complexity) : $50-$100

I do :

Boys  [not preferable, i like drawing girls more ٩(๑>؂<๑) ]

I don't do : 

- Mecha
- Furry
- Sketch/Lineart Commission
- Odd fetishes

How to Pay :

Payment is via PayPal only and pay upfront.

Samples :

Fate by freonclayr

Ajax by freonclayr  Happy Birthday Shu! by freonclayr 

Half Body
Rem by freonclayr Commission by freonclayr Commission by freonclayr Abigail Williams by freonclayr
Commission by freonclayr  DFC and DCT by freonclayr  Dr. Who by freonclayr

Full Body
Cela by freonclayr Vampire by freonclayr Ajax by freonclayr

With Background
Belchan by freonclayr
Yesterday and Tomorrow by freonclayr  Myrrh by freonclayr  Yumeko by freonclayr  Commission by freonclayr 
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Omg so pretty. No chibi samples though? :o