Commission Round 3

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Yes. Commissions are opened. Just a little conditions if you interested.

1- I can do many things (Character of TV series and videogames EXCEPT STEVEN UNIVERSE AND LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. I don't want to be related whit that TV Show and his fandom)

2- I'm allowing mild NSFW stuff. Explicit porn will not allowed. For more info, leave me a note.

3- Slots commission is always available

4- Please explain clearly how you want your commission. Pose, expression and that kind of stuff. If you want an additional character on your commission, the cost will be $8 additional + Commission Price.

5- PayPal only. No point commissions.

6- Please read the prices. If you have something on doubt, send me a note. here we go!

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do you tak points or pay pal?
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Why doesn't the lineart/plain color version have a mouth?
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Oh pinkie. Lol.