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Z0ne-Sama will be proud of this... I hope so...


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it fits you well ^^
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do you do commissions 
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I saw the feature on the ZTV, congrats Frank! :clap:
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Thank you so much mate! That was one of the best moments of my life ;__ ;
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No prob man you deserve the recognition ;)
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I just saw ZTV nice your art was featured in it congrats
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Thank you so much. I can´t believe this yet
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Engliish: Good job on getting featured in the new episode of ZTV News. 
Español: Buen trabajo en conseguir destacado en el episodio nuevo de ZTV News. 
I put it in English and Spanish for your convenience. 
Puse en inglés y español para tu conveniencia.
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Missing some tentacles going into her, you know Zone-tan always has Lemmy go into her under the desk in her Youtube broadcasts right? XD
Frenksdrawings's avatar
I´m jealous of Lemmy right now...
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A nice alternate costume for her XD
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Huh so she can do hentai with her own head... BRILLIANT! Awesome work here lol
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You can find a hentai game of Filia in Newgrounds. And it´s hentai with her own head XD
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Gotta wonder how all these girls keep finding out how small their dresses/sweaters are after they put them on.
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Thank you so much!
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You don't regret anything. This is just awesome!
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Maybe i do. She is a Jailbait

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