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October 6, 2007
The Mall by ~frenic is a stunning example of wonderful matte painting. The suggester said "No words can explain the amazing wonder that it is..." I have to agree. Take a look yourself, and be sure to follow the links in the deviants journal to see stages of this project.
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The Mall

This is a matte-painting about a futuristic mall. Originally for a CG challenge at

If you like it (or not), then comments would be great! done using Maya and photoshop.
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I was pinning away for such type of blogs, thanks for posting this for us.
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Gorgeous piece.Clap 
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More like the future Twin Tower! <3
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Oh my goodness. How can this amazing piece have existed for so long without me, a hunter, ever knowing about it? 
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this is excellent!
WWOAAA Superbe Pic! <a href="…">[bovada]</a>
WWOAAA Superbe Pic! <href="…">[Bovada Review]</a>
I like this look very much. I'm planning on using Maya in the near future, I'll probably use this as a guide for some city shots I'm thinking of.
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Beautiful image ! ! Good job ![link]
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i like this alot
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oh god, it's amazing
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I hope my mall would look like this one day in the future!
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Thank you for this gorgous peice. This seems like it would be the 28th century maybe the 2720s, this would be a somewhat modest courner mall, most of the other malls on Earth at this time would be many times greater in structure, with extensive space malls, this is just an imaginative intepretation, but anyway.
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damn! I would love to go shopping there!
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Brilliant in every way. Well done!
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This is amazing, if only such a place exists!
looks really awesome!
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