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Rice Valley

Hi, this is my new matte painting...

I used Maya to model most of the mountains and rocks which where then taken to Zbrush for refinement and then to Photohop for the final composition. The sketch is done in Photoshop only.

Here is a link for the larger image : [link]

and here are the WIP threads:

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How many photo elements did you use and what did you have to paint from scratch?
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Wondrous, great, fantastic...
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I think I gave you some pointers on this, and you got a hard time from one of the forum members, however you stuck with it and produced something that is stunning
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very nice work!
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This is EPIC! Love it!
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Really inspiring mE a lot !!!!
do u make a tutorial for artwork like this???
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Hi thanks for the reply, for this one I don't have any tutorial, do you want to see one?
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of course i want..:sprint:
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OKI DOKI! I'll try to prepare one :)
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thx so much...i'm just cant wait...
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(and I'm not used to put thoose 3 letters)

The rice fields are so greatly done!

How did you manage all the trees? Must be billions polys!

I'll go right away check your wip links.

Great paysage, congrats!
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AH OK; it's a matte painting. Haha! Great anyhow :thumbsup:
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HAHA, that actually sounded a bit sad your last comment, its like "Oh, so its very easy... not bad", no worries, its what we call in the film industry as "CHEAT". Why do it the hard way when you can do it the easy way right?
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haha I thought so while reading it before posting, but I let it go. ^^
The most important is the result, no worries indeed ;)

Your panorama is really something I dig, I really like it, this mix of many nice places... so seeing the making of is very interesting.

It's just I'm looking for a way to achieve things that can be fully animated, and since I never have enough patience to look after the right matching pictures on my stock or in the web... a "full home made" solution would be great for me. Plus you have to be very skilled to paint over in a realistic way. So you call it cheat, I call it talent =D

But indeed matte painting keeps its special place in the industries for years, no doubt why!

Keep up :)
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No problem here dude, to be honest Trees in films are still very hard to do. Rendering takes forever... they still go for fake ones... even the awesome software VUE can be tedious and takes a huge amount of time to render.

Depending on what you want to achieve... faking it somehow is the best way to do it. sad but true. How big is your scene anyway? maybe you can fake the backgrounds with animated cards and the foregrounds into 3D objects with deformers...
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Thanks for the feedback.
Yup usually I run for the 2D images planes / cards (alpha is pain in the *ss for depth, have to create separate scenes, recomp in post and so on...) and some of them in 3D for foreground...
But for slow cams I always dream of a good solution for them... Yeah Vue is not for small prods. Vray proxies are cool but vray is still a bit slow when it comes to animated object GI...
blah blah and so on.

So for a second when I saw your image I dreamt of something I didn't know about... :P
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Well just browsing landscapes and this just popped out, great amount of detail and everything looks like it belongs in the pic.
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