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'You know what, Gunther? It's like that story, there was once a man who turned the whole world against him, because he turned against the world. You ever read it?'
    'Heh…heh, yess, I have sir, have indeed sir'
    'Can you tell me what happens to that man, Gunther?'
    'He became very powerful sir, hee…hee…'
    'Why do you think that is, Gunther?'
    'Why, sir? Well people, they view him as iconic, a figure that they are in awe of, because of his strength, his belief, his hate... '
    'Yes of course, an individual, no one can think the same way as he, no one would! But oh how he can be chosen as their leader, proposing his dictations in turn for their faith, and you know what, you know what, Gunther?'
    'What might it be, sir?'
    'I want that, I want to be that. It seems the time that I've waited for, for so long, has finally arrived, all of the pieces have come together…'
    'So it seems deemed to be sir, hee…hee…'
    'Oh yes, Gunther, will you help me? Help me gain that power?'
    'Indeed I will, sir'
    'Well tomorrow we shall start'

I watched the bombs drop that day; I don't know how I did it. I looked at the people; screaming, crying, bleeding and dying. I looked down at my hands. Were they still hands?
They were covered by tight, black leather gloves, concealing whatever human emotion that was left within my flesh. They hid me from myself.
Men marched around me, raiding the bombsite of this desecrated city, for people, for treasure, and any material possessions that may be of use to me.
I ran my fingers over my slicked-back; brown hair making sure it was perfectly in place and then looked sharply at the soldiers around me, following their movements with my eyes.
I felt a presence of a man behind me, a sickly looking man, with black hair that was fashioned in a similar way to mine. He wore the smart, black uniform I had assigned to him and was grinning, forever grinning. That man he sometimes scared me, I don't know why, I cannot explain why. His big, sickly eyes pierced the back of my head, as if they can almost see right through me.
' Gunther?'
    'Yes Mr. Keller?'
    'After my men have finished raiding the North-Western sector of the city, we shall prepare to return to fortress Holmes; do our drivers know the directions?'
   ' Of course, Mr. Keller'
   ' Also tell the Lady Magdalene, I mean to have her meet me for dinner'
   ' Yes…Mr. Keller'
   ' Any treasures obtained, please inform me about them immediately, make this clear to the officers. Anything of particular interest, I wish see for myself, if I say it well the worth, it can go in the truck. Watch the soldiers carefully Gunther, I wont let anyone get away with stealing from my person.' I looked at Gunther without emotion; he looked back with that creepy grin which made my lip curl in disgust.
    'What shall I do with one, if I find him stealing?'
    'Arrest him and bring him to me, I will let you deal with whoever crosses me later. Be gone' I said to him gesturing at him to leave my side.

I had a large number of officers following me at every step, to protect me. I felt rather cramped and uncomfortable and I was looking forward to just having dinner with Magdalene, and possibly after that, something more. I was unaware of her marital status, however with my power, I could easily seduce her. I smirked at that thought.
' You all heard the orders I have given to Gunther, have you not?' I asked the officers, turning towards them with my feet together.
    'Yes sir! Of course!' they replied.
    ' Well I hardly need all of you around to protect me at once, please go and examine the findings of the soldiers, and as I've told Gunther, watch them closely, report any suspicious activity to me. Follow my orders, men, and I may reward you.'
The officers left at my bidding, oh how a bluff can sway such men's thoughts. I made sure to keep two officers at my side however, just in case.

My men finished scouring the area, taking prisoners, breaking, raping, destroying and beating people. They could do as they pleased, as long as my orders are fulfilled. By early evening, I was ready to vacate the vicinity. Gunther had arranged a car to take us both to the fortress, while the soldiers were trucked off to the camp base. Once at the fortress I would secure my findings and sit down to enjoy my dinner.
Just sitting in the car, next to Gunther made me feel on edge. He sat grinning, flicking a coin between his fingers. 'So sir, I hear that there's a couple of boys that I must teach a lesson, back at the fortress no? Hee…hee' he said chuckling, turning his head slyly towards me.
    'I believe so, I'll leave the pain inflicting in your hands, Gunther' I replied, a little uneasy of his enthusiasm. He seemed even more inhuman than I thought myself.
    'Of course, sir' he said, those sickly eyes looked up at me from beneath his cap.
Most punishment dealt to someone by Gunther, it scars them for life. I don't know what he does or how he does it, I never see any blood, any scars on his victims…Maybe he rapes them? No I think I would notice. They all…all come away crazy, in tears, screaming. I just don't understand it. I'd prefer not to know, yet I always wonder…

Magdalene. Oh she was looking beautiful tonight, however there was a flaw in this beauty, a man at her side, he looked expensive too. I introduced myself to him, but focused my attention on Magdalene, that blonde beauty. We sat together at the dinner table; me, her, her 'man', and a couple of officers that I prize highly on my large list of associates. I remembered Gunther, whom I had suggestively excluded from the dinner, as I thought he may frighten my guests. No matter, he was probably enjoying inflicting whatever method of torture he uses, that disturbs his prisoners so…so thoroughly.

I mildly flirt with Magdalene across the table with smiles and laughter. I can feel my leg touch hers beneath the richly decorated tablecloth. I know what I want, and I plan to get it.
After dinner I manage to catch Magdalene alone. I ask her about the man that had accompanied her to dinner; she flicks her wavy blonde hair and answers.
' Oh he's my husband, he's quite a wealthy politician' she laughs as she says this.
    'Does it matter?' I ask her. She looks at me with those sparkling eyes, she knows what I mean. We embrace and kiss passionately. Her lips so gentle and she smells so good. Before we know it, we are making love in a cupboard. I have barricaded the door so that no one may enter.
We did not take long, so her husband has no real reason to be that suspicious of our absence. He was still busy talking with my officers anyway.
Something that had caught me by horrific surprise was that when Magdalene and I exited the cupboard, we were to come across a figure standing right outside of it. The figure was Gunther.
' Uh Gunther, I…I thought you were dealing with… those trouble-makers, why are you here?' I asked him nervously. Magdalene quickly left my side to find her husband.
    'I've finished' said Gunther. He did not laugh this time, and what scared me more than anything was that he did not smile. I noticed he did not address me either. He just glared at me from beneath his peaked-cap, with those sick, dark eyes, poking holes in the surface of my soul.
    'Please, not a word Gunther, please not a word of what you have seen…'
    'Oh I won't say a word sir, neither shall she'
I did not like the fact that he said this; something disturbed me within his words.
As I lay there that night, the words of Gunther repeated in my mind, as clear as I had heard them. I became so worried that I could not sleep. Maybe… was it that he too loved Magdalene? He might be angry with me for having slept with her…I mustn't worry my head with these emotions. When had I become so human? I am beginning to question myself.

Magdalene visited me the next day, and I introduced Gunther formally to her. He no longer grinned as he used to, he just greeted her simply and continued with his paperwork. Little did I know that everything would break, all of the pieces that I had put together would come apart, today.
Magdalene had stayed with me for the evening and we decided to go out to my car, to do what we had done in the cupboard, only a night ago. I did not know it, but someone was watching us.

When we had finished, Magdalene proceeded to leave, kissing me gently and flicking her hair as she waved me goodbye. She was just so beautiful…

As I lay down on the seat of my car to reflect on my amazing evening, I heard three shots and a scream. I knew, straight away, it must have been Magdalene.
I raced out of the car to find her lifeless body sprawled on the ground, the killer nowhere in sight. I began to cry over the limp figure, who would want to hurt my lover? Could it have been her husband? If so he would surely shoot me too!
I hastily retreated into the fortress and hid in the corner of my office, in a somewhat panicked state.

I heard a knock on the door.
' Who is it?' I asked, stuttering nervously.
    'Mr. Keller, its Gunther'
    'Oh Gunther, you may enter'

Gunther entered my office, closing the door behind him. The first thing I noticed was the thin speckles of blood on his clothing.  
He dropped a gun to the floor, and again, pierced my soul with his sickly stare. He was grinning.
'Why Gunther, why?!, why would you do this to me!'
    'Remember the story that you read Mr. Keller?' I did not answer.
'That man, the man you wanted to be, he was powerful, but corrupt, and like you and me, he was just a human being. No man can withstand a life without love, without emotion, and it's breaking you Mr. Keller, I can see it…hee…hee…hee..'
    'B-but look at you, you monster! You don't love! You drive people mad! You killed Magdalene, you're evil!!' I shouted madly at him.
    'Heh…heh…ha ha HA! That is where you are very wrong, Mr. Keller, I love you. In fact I love you so much, that you are me. I am everything you use to convince yourself that the cruelty you are committing upon this world is justified. I am everything you hate in yourself and also everything you love. The truth is that I am in love with you, and if you choose not to be with me, it will drive you insane'
     'No! You're wrong! You're wrong!! I'll never love you, I'll never be like you, we are nothing the same, you're a heartless beast and I'm…I'm…' I fell to my knees.
I couldn't speak. I think that I broke. Gunther embraced me as I began to shake and scratch impulsively at my skin. I needed to banish this feeling, get it out of my body, my nails dug into my arms, making my skin raw and bleed.
Gunther's face crept closer to mine, so slowly, his eyes open. I tried frantically to avoid his kiss, but I was trapped in the corner of the room, where I had been hiding.
I pushed him away from me with a strong shove, that plagued man, infested with evil and hate. I ran from my office, which was beginning to shroud with the dark shadow of Gunther's presence. He laughed and I heard it echo down the hallway of the fortress. The hallway never seemed to end. I felt myself perspiring with fear as I hurriedly searched for the cupboard that Magdalene and I had shared.
I shouted for help, but no one came to my aid, the only answer to my call was the echoing laughter of Gunther. How could there be no one in this fortress? There are many of people who work in here, why does no one hear me?! I'm their leader!!

I darted for the cupboard, in the workroom and closed the doors tightly, huddling myself against the back wall. I sat there in darkness and quiet, no longer hearing Gunther's horrible laughter, just silence. Suddenly a loud, heavy bang broke this silence, as the cupboard doors shook. I yelped in fear.
A coin rolled through a gap in the door, the gap below the hinges. Was I hallucinating? How could a coin have rolled perfectly through that gap? I shivered, curling into a weeping ball as the coin continued to roll, landing in between my feet. I looked reluctantly down at the coin and saw that it had fallen on a face, the face of Gunther. It grinned, it's laughter started to ring loudly in my ears.
' No! No! No!! Please! Just leave me alone!!' I yelled.
   'I'm sorry, Mr. Keller, but I can't, as long as you live, I must be with you…' Gunther's voice wavered creepily.

I screamed, pulling at my hair, I burst through the cupboard doors and fell into a dark figure standing in front of me. I had fallen into Gunther, and he held me tightly against him.
' Let me go! I want to die!!' I screamed at him, beating at his chest like an angry child. It was what I had been reduced to.
    'You want to die? Well why do you insist on running from death? Please tell me, dear Mr. Keller'
I looked up at him. He was crying. It was the very first time I had ever seen Gunther cry, or was it really Gunther? I didn't feel afraid anymore. I saw myself reflected in his eyes.
    'I'm ready.'
ok I finally upload my story.

yeah Gunther is kind of a metaphor for something...well...evil I guess, I don't really know if he's meant to be a person or not^^; please tell me what you think, I'm never sure about my writing:/
does it need censor or not?, it's not really smutty at all.

Oh and please check out the fanart that :iconeskoriachan: did for my story, she's a fantastic artist :D
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Goes to show that one's worst enemy... themself.
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hah exactly, people don't notice their mistakes until it is too late...
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I saw a fanart for this by one of the founders of a Hetalia fanclub, and was intrigued by the character!! They had a link to this story up, and man; I'm glad I clicked it... This is amazing.
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heh thankyou very much:aww: is it :iconeskoriachan: by perchance? I'm very pleased that you like it, as I do not write so often.:)
Daioh--Sakura's avatar
P-PROBABLY a lot of people seem to like it, so it coulda been many peeps o3o
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Ohh, I really want to read it! But I don't have time now, another time..... -.-
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oh ok, well it'll be here for you when you do;)
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i need a plz for this..


oh god i love Gunther now!!! wow!!! a great character!!!
poor Magdalene!! and poor Keitel muajajaj

the last scene killed me.. wow... really...this this is

I-I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY ^^; it's so amazing.. for real.....sorry i can give a critique correctly nao i'm amazed
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heh heh thankyou very much:heart:

:lol: glad you like it, I'm always unsure whether my stories are actually interesting or not^^;
Gunther, yeah I should illustrate him, he has to be scary of course:D.
Yeah Miles goes kind of insane:noes:

it's ok, It can be really hard to critique writing, wow you're really amazed?! I don't think my writing is so amazing, it's a great compliment that you think so:hug:
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really.. it this..

I commonly get bored when reading but you made me read this to the end in one row!!!
so, you win!!
and i have to draw him tooo (fanart ofcourz!!)
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wow!:wow: I'm really flattered:blush: I never thought I'd be the sort to hook a person in to the story!
:w00t!: I win? AWESOME!

hey of course you can draw him;) it would be cool to see how you envision him:D
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yeah!!! I'll look

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now I'll have to see you draw gunther! we could have an art trade:D
VonHollde's avatar
mmmmmm this sound good... let me see....oh i don't have in my gallery pics of my militar men only girls... well you can draw Hollde.. she looks like a man XD yeah draw mah mad Cy and i'll draw you mad boy!!! this is a trade
Frenemie's avatar
cool! I believe this is a trade! good trading with you sir, this will give me something to work on:D
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